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Guildhall in London


The Great Hall

12 pics. London’s Guildhall was built between 1411 and 1440.  It can be found near Bank Underground Rail station, just off Gresham Street. History ⇒.  Right beside Guildhall is the Guildhall Art Gallery ⇐ which includes the remains of a Roman amphitheater.

london guildhall

The entrance is just to the left of this picture and the art gallery to the right (another post). The building is mainly used for social functions but members of the public can view the Great Hall, when not in use. Please see the website ⇒

In the Great Hall their are a number of statues and stone tableaus.  Here are just three.


Sir Winston Churchill



Trafalgar and Nelson



Lord Mayor William Beckton

And, at the far end.


Great Hall Stained Glass

I found a small unlocked side door ( I do love an unlocked side door) and some steps leading upwards.  I found myself in the Old Library.

the-Old Library-at-the-guildhall-in-london

Old Library





There were a number of old paintings and some tapestries.


Joust on London Bridge 1390

Another side door and some steps down ~


Charles I, Edward VI and Elizabeth I

Leading to a a small hall.


It was here I got nabbed by security, who were confused as to how I got into the members area. I agreed with them and was politely escorted out with my badly behaved camera (well, if they will leave old libraries just lying about).

Thank you for the visit and may all your side doors be rabbit holes.

York House Gardens and Riverside

21 pics with more statues. York House Gardens are on Sion Road (in Twickenham) off Richmond Road on the H22 bus route passing right outside Richmond rail station (sss-simple).  For essential works, the gardens will be closed from 6 pm on 17th to 23rd July 2016 and from 1 pm on 23rd July 2016.

York House Gardens DSC_5771

Near the entrance is this lawn overlooked by York House (not open to the public).  Along the other side of that wall is a path that leads to:-

York House Gardens Pond DSC_5777

… what looks like a perfect lawn but is really a pond covered in algae.

York House Gardens Pond DSC_5783


York House Gardens Pond DSC_5792

Turning back to the end of the first lawn, there is a bridge.

York House Gardens Bridge

Over the bridge is a lawn and small pond.

York House Gardens DSC_5843

Turning right there is:-.

York House Gardens Statues DSC_5854

Florence and the gang.  The players (perhaps you would like to give them names) are:-

York House Gardens Statues DSC_5818



York House Gardens Statues DSC_5824


York House Gardens Statues DSC_5826


York House Gardens Squirrel

The director is taking a little time out for domestic chores. 

“Salad or bedding, bedding or salad ?  Both ! yay. 🙂

Thames River at Twickenham

Facing the tableau and turning left one comes to the upper reaches of the Thames looking down river.  On the right is Eel Pie Island which is inhabited by artists.   There are cruises along this stretch of the river, passing the other side of the island, going to Hampton Court from Westminster or Richmond (the second is recommended), more here ⇐.

Continuing along the path in this direction comes to a dead-end but the other way comes to:-

Champions Wharf at Twicknham

… Champions Wharf.  Turning right and then right again, one is on Riverside and passes:-

Dial House, Riverside, Twickenham

… Dial House.

Bridge over Riverside, Twickenham

Then, under the same bridge one passed over in York gardens. Caution: This is a no-through road, but residents have use of it so there is occasional traffic.

Riverside, Twickenham

There is all-day lighting and, in the distance, is the White Swan Pub.

The White Swan Pub, Riverside, Twickenham

This is from just passed the White Swan with a beer garden to the left which is just on the river and occasionally gets a little covering of water.  The pub is very popular so, if you would like a table/meal, it is good idea to book.  For more about the White Swan and booking please click here ⇒.

Orleans House, Riverside, Twickenham

Further along Riverside is the Orleans House Gallery.  One can photograph inside but not when its closed which includes Mondays, which is when I was there.  More information is here ⇒.

Continuing along Riverside to its end one could turn left and then right along a pathway to Marble Hill House, which is open for guided tours at weekends in the summer but I don’t have any information about photographing it.  There is more information here ⇒.

Alternatively, one could turn right at the end of Riverside and take the Hammertons Ferry ⇒ (spring to autumn) across to Ham House ⇐ .

Hammertons Ferry, Twickenahm

The ferry on its way back, with a very young pilot.

Bow Bells, Cockneys, Dick Whitington and Captain John Smith

The Church of St Mary Le Bow

The Church of St Mary Le Bow is in Cheapside and but 3 minutes walk from St Paul’s Cathedral.  To be a true Cockney, which is not quite what people think, one must be born within the sound of St Mary Le Bow bells.  Their website can be found here and this is not the same place as St Mary’s in the district of Bow.

According to folklore Dick Whittington changed his mind about leaving London when he heard the peal of Bow bells, and so changed his fortunes and became Lord Mayor of London.   There was in fact a Richard Whittington who was Lord Mayor of London several times during the 14th century.

St mary Le Bow Stained Glass 1




St mary Le Bow Crypt

There is also a cosy little crypt converted into a pleasant café.

St mary Le Bow Church.

St mary Le Bow Dragon Wind Vane.

Captain John Smith Statue

In the square, just outside the church, is a statue of Captain John Smith.  The captain was a mercenary, pirate, explorer and at one time leader of Jamestown the first permanent English colony in America.  It is said (mostly by himself) that his life was once saved by Pocohantas.  He was probably what we would call now, a real swashbuckler. Anybody who wore rain-catcher boots like that had to be hardy.  🙂

The Builders

Many of the posts here, are to show the fabulous achievements of past builders, makers, artisans and artists.  They gave us the world that we live in but very few are remembered by name.  Here and there can be seen works that commemorate their efforts. 

Above is “The Unknown Navvy” (navigator) by Anthony Stones which is currently at Gerrards Cross rail station just outside London.

Below is “The Building Worker” by Alan Wilson which can be found just north of the Tower of London beside the main road.  Its plaque reads:-

“For the thousands of building workers who have lost their lives at work, we commemorate you”.

“For the thousands of building workers who are today building and rebuilding towns and cities across the United Kingdom, we celebrate you”.
The Building Worker by Alan Wilson at Tower of London


Trafalgar Square and Street Artists

Street Art Face at Trafalgar Square

Even on a grey November day there is something to see. The eyes in this drawing are worth a second look.

Yoda at Trafalgar Square copy

Bubbles at Trafalgar Square


Death and Bagpipes at Trafalgar Square copy
Statue at Trafalgar Square

“They seek him here, they seek him there,  His clothes are loud, but never square.
It will make or break him so he’s got to buy the best, ‘Cause he’s a dedicated follower of fashion”.

Horse Skeleton at Trafalgar Square

This one has been here for a long time.
Lion at Trafalgar Square

There was an event on, so I couldn’t get a shot of the whole square. Here are some samples.Base Nelson's Column


Nelson's Column copy

Nelson’s column is 170 ft tall. In it’s time that was impressive.

As for what follows, sometimes it’s best not to ask.
Fingers at Trafalgar Square

Hatfield House and Gardens

Hatfield House,Flower

There is a lot of history and a lot to see at Hatfield House.  This is just a sample.   I’ve started with this flower because it is the most regal that I have seen.  You might also like to view the amazing interiors and some of its Elizabethan history by clicking here.

Inside the house are the famous Rainbow and Ermine portraits of Elizabeth I, together with a  number of ornate ceilings and artifacts.


For instance, this is Lord Burghley who created and ran what was probably the first organized intelligence service.


Hatfield House, Village



. Access from Hatfield rail station is via a viaduct (I’ve always wanted to say that) that spans over a village.
Hatfield House, Old House and Garden

Further into the estate is the old house and gardens.
Hatfield House

This is the rear view of the newer house.
Hatfield House,Church

Across the green is the old church.
Hatfield House,Square

And, nearby is a path leading to the church which is open to visitors for part of the day.
Hatfield House,Tudor Cottage

In the church grounds there is this Tudor cottage.
Hatfield House,Inside Church

And, inside the church the ceiling is being restored.
Hatfield House,Gardens

There are a number of gardens and water features.
Hatfield House,Fountain

Hatfield House, Group Statue

Meet the crew.  There are several statues but I thought this was the best and appears to feature Queen Elizabeth I herself.
Hatfield House,Shop

There is quite an extensive shopping mall with a gallery, large cafe and this.  A toy shop and gun shop side by side. What can I say, it’s the countryside.  Here are some flowers.
Hatfield House,Flower 3

Hatfield House,Flower 2

If you like history then Hatfield House is steeped in it.  More  here.

Sculpture at Wisely

One of the events at Wisley Gardens has been the sculpture trail.  Here are just a few that I found particularly engaging and here are the Alice in Wonderland pieces.  A couple of clicks to expand.  Enjoy ~

Sea Horse in Rockery at Wisley Gardens

Sea Horse in Rockery at Wisley Gardens


Figure XVIII by Henriette Van der Does at Wisley Gardens

Figure XVIII by Henriette Van der Does at Wisley Gardens


The Dodo by Robert James Sculpture Ltd at Wisley Gardens

The Dodo by Robert James Sculpture Ltd at Wisley Gardens


Making Time by Lynn Warren at Wisley Gardens

Making Time by Lynn Warren at Wisley Gardens


Time to Go by Lynn Warren at Wisley Gardens

Time to Go by Lynn Warren at Wisley Gardens


Pan at Wisley Gardens

Pan at Wisley Gardens


Moon Gazing Hare by Alan Wallis at Wisley Gardens

Moon Gazing Hare by Alan Wallis at Wisley Gardens


Offering by Everard Meynell at Wisley Gardens

Offering by Everard Meynell at Wisley Gardens


The Dancers by Lilly Henry at Wisley Gardens

The Dancers by Lilly Henry at Wisley Gardens

Strawberry Hill House


10 pics – The house was created by Horace Walpole who was the  youngest son of Robert Walpole (Britain’s first Prime Minister).  Work began in 1749 and continued in stages over the following 27 years. It was recently discovered that the original colouring was white and would have looked quite remarkable in its day, as it does now.  The house is in a Gothic style of the fairy-tale variety and has extraordinary interiors here.

The interiors have been restored to an original state which gives a quite surreal appearance, as if it is still waiting for its first occupant.  It’s surreal, but very peaceful character, is aided by some recent artwork.

The house once contained a massive collection of artworks, which were unfortunately sold by a later owner.  The collection was so vast that the sale lasted for 30 days.   The trust is  gradually acquiring more items for the interior but the restored decor, picture glass and paintings are still worth seeing.

The website is here and the Wikipedia history hereDo check the website for opening times and to book a ticket for the house (before 10:30 on the day of your visit).  Tickets are half price on Mondays and Tuesdays.   A guide-book is provided and essential if one is not to miss some of the rooms and the Chapel.  I missed the Chapel but Google images are available here (there are many pics of the house mixed in),

Strawberry Hill House


Strawberry Hill House and Figures


Strawberry Hill House - Lawn Fifures


Strawberry Hill House Lawn Figure


Strawberry Hill House - Girl Figure 1


Strawberry Hill House - Girl Figure 2


Strawberry Hill House - Old House


Strawberry Hill House Statue

Strawberry Hill House - Dog Figure


Strawberry Hill House - Griffon Figure

Kensington Gardens

Also, Kensington Palace , Kensington Garden Flowers , Elfin Oak , Playful SquirrelsSquirrels up my Leg , and Serpentine Water Fowl ( The Dog and Swan)

Tree - Kensington Gardens


 At the Queens Gate

Deer and Foal - Queens Gate - Kensington Gardens


Gate House - Kensington Gardens


 The Gardens

Bird Statue - Kensington Gardens

Serpentine Lake

On the other side of the Serpentine Lake is Hyde Park. We’ll have a wander over.



Swans - Kensington Gardens

Here I am on my holidays,  That’s me with the wings.  What a hoot,  honk.

Ice Cream Van - Kensington Gardens


And, In the Autumn

Back at Kensington Gardens in the Autumn



Utumn - Kensington Gardens


Kensington Gardens - Autumn


A beautifully atmospheric autumn evening,  at 11 am.   I do love the British weather.

Victoria and Albert Museum

21 pics.  Entry to the Victoria and Albert Museum is free.  The museum is dedicated to art and design from around the world.  The items here are just a few of many hundreds on display and non-commercial photography is allowed except for the wedding dress exhibit and the wonderful jewel room.   There is also a large inner courtyard with water feature that makes a great place for lunch. Packed lunches can be eaten in the Learning Center’s Lunch room on the 3rd floor . The museum map.  The website.

At the museum entrance there are steps that speak.

The nearest underground rail station is South Kensington with the very interesting Science Museum and the Natural History Museum nearby.

The Tea Rooms

The Tea Rooms





Upper Foyer
Please click on the figure to fit screen.
Statue at Victoria and Albert
Vistoria and Albert Stained glass
Vistoria and Albert Columns
DSC_4485 .
Victorai and Albert Statues

The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

9 Pics.  Admission to The National Maritime Museum at Greenwich is free and non-commercial photography does not require a license.  There are many other attractions (mostly free) at Greenwich. Please click here for more and for travel information.

The Top Floor Gallery

Lion Figurehead - Maritime Museum.

Swords - Maritime Museum.

Lord Nelson - Maritime Museum.

Horatio Nelson. The painting was commissioned by a friend in Nelson’s younger days

The First Floor Mezzanine

Stained Glass - Maritime Museum.

Detailed Stained Glass - Maritime Museum.

The Ground Floor

Gold Barge - Maritime Museum.

Prow of Gold Barge - Maritime Museum.


I do like the little dog.  He looks like a fiercely loyal friend, or a headbanger.  😛

The First Floor

There isn’t a lot on the first floor but it does provide an elevated view of  ground floor exhibits.

Statues - Maritime Museum

It was him.                                       No, it was him with the sword.   How dare you sir. I will draw my sword and cut off your nose.

No, it was me with the smug expression, and I’ve got a scroll.  😛

Hampton Court Palace

14 pics Travel to Hampton Court by Train or River. Admission/Information/Events.  Admission can include Hampton Court Palace or just the gardens. The gardens usually close at 5 pm and the Palace at 6 pm.  Pictures of Hampton Court Gardens.  The Royal Chapel is the best feature and, although photography is not allowed, you can view here.

Gates - Hampton Court

Statues - Hampton Court


Somebody got caught in his pyjamas.

Ornate Ceiling - Hampton Court

Many of the tapestries are very old and faded. The frescos likewise. I picked the best I could find.

Tapestry - Hampton Court

Painted Ceiling - Hampton Court

Fresco - Hampton Court

Bedroom - Hampton CourtDSC_1361

Entrance - Hampton Court

Hampton Court Gardens

7 Pics – .  I didn’t have time to view all the gardens, but here are extracts from three of the six.  Visitors are welcome to use the park benches to picnic.  The Wilderness Garden (not shown) contains the famous maze, which is very difficult ~ Shhhhh.        Travel to Hampton Court by Train or River.    Admission prices can include Hampton Court Palace or just the gardens. The gardens usually close at 5 pm and the Palace at 6 pm.  More garden pictures.

Flowers - Hampton Court Statues - Hampton Court DSC_1235 Horses - Hampton Court DSC_1275

Garden - Hampton Court


Art in Victoria Park

Victoria Park, Bow, London, UK.                          –  Click on an image to enlarge.

Victoria Park Lake

The progress of cheerful duck will always overide serious reflections.

Victoria Park Statue

I can do this all day.

Victoria Park Victoria Park Flower Victoria Park Monument

Standing Guard                                                                                        on the Triffids (not in the same place)

At the Royal Inn on the Park                                                                That’s what I call a makeover