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Wallace Collection Armoury

Wallace Collection Armour Armoured Man on Horseback

14 pics.  Part of the Wallace Collection which also contains many notable works of art.

The armoury is on the ground floor.  I suppose, for the gentry, such items were as much a statement of status as utilitarian. There purpose may not be so admirable to a more enlightened world but the workmanship, its alternate uses and the attendant history are best not forgotten. 

There is more of this past and extraordinary workmanhip at the Tower of London/White Tower.

Henry IV's Parrying Dagger st the Wallace Collection

Henry IV’s Parrying Dagger


Wallace Collection Armour


Wallace Collection Armour Shield


Wallace Collection Armoury Axes


Wallace Collection Armoury Swords 2


Wallace Collection Armoury Swords


Wallace Collection Armoury Daggers 1


Wallace Collection Armoury Daggers 2


Wallace Collection Oriental Armour


Wallace Collection Armoury Ornate Daggers


Wallace Collection Armoury Gun


Wallace Collection Armour Helmet


Wallace Collection Armour Helmets

The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

9 Pics.  Admission to The National Maritime Museum at Greenwich is free and non-commercial photography does not require a license.  There are many other attractions (mostly free) at Greenwich. Please click here for more and for travel information.

The Top Floor Gallery

Lion Figurehead - Maritime Museum.

Swords - Maritime Museum.

Lord Nelson - Maritime Museum.

Horatio Nelson. The painting was commissioned by a friend in Nelson’s younger days

The First Floor Mezzanine

Stained Glass - Maritime Museum.

Detailed Stained Glass - Maritime Museum.

The Ground Floor

Gold Barge - Maritime Museum.

Prow of Gold Barge - Maritime Museum.


I do like the little dog.  He looks like a fiercely loyal friend, or a headbanger.  😛

The First Floor

There isn’t a lot on the first floor but it does provide an elevated view of  ground floor exhibits.

Statues - Maritime Museum

It was him.                                       No, it was him with the sword.   How dare you sir. I will draw my sword and cut off your nose.

No, it was me with the smug expression, and I’ve got a scroll.  😛