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Coronavirus – Somee Mask Types are Unsafe

Coronavirus – Somee Mask Types are Unsafe

Some masks use an exhalation valve.   They do not filter exhalation and will spread a virus from an infected users just as much as if they were not wearing a mask.  These valves were only designed to prevent the user from re-breathing their own CO2.

The effected masks include N95, Ffp3 and full face masks that use an exhalation valve.

Some of these masks are being used by the public and some have been given to health care workers.   Incluing UK NHS workers.

Note: The brand has been airbrushed out but many are marked 3M and N95.












Many Ffp3 masks have these type of output valves ⇓.










Some health care workers have been given masks with unfiltered output.






Many full face respirators have an exhalation valve in the centre which is unfiltered.  Some of the vales have a downward opening.

Masks without exhalation valves do filter the ouput⇓.

The types pictured bekow ⇓, with an exhalation valve, do filter exhalation (using one filter for both in and out).










Be Safe



But this is not safe

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    • Sorry for the delay in replying. Unfortunately, ill health has been an impediment, but i am surviving. Thanks for asking. Hope all is well with you


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