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Tower Bridge

British Museum

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A Flower Without a Name

Unknown Flower-3
Whilst this world was young,
Before names could fall from human tongue,
There was no I, nor thou, nor thee,
Only flower and grass and tree.

No sound but sweet refrain,
Of wind and sea and rain,
No less a flower without a name,
A living beauty just the same.



The Royal Mews

The Glass Coach at Royal Mews

10 pics and the best is last.  I thought a Royal Mews would have cats deep in thought but it turns out to be coaches.  The one above is the “Glass Coach” and was used for royal marriages, including our own Queen Elizabeth II.

The Royal Mews can be found at the southern wall of Buckingham Palace (near Victoria Station) beside the Queens Gallery and you can photograph in both.  Nearby are the State Rooms, where photography is not allowed.  There are also some very royal gift shops,

Coach at Royal Mews DSC_1373

And, there’s a green one,Coach at Royal Mews DSC_1385

And, Vorsprung durch Technik,Coach at Royal Mews DSC_1383

Donkey Barouche at Royal Mews

This is a Donkey Barouche. Although it would probably look prettier with a donkey sitting in it. 🙂Coach Lamp at Royal Mews DSC_1384

I thought I might borrow this for Christmas.  I’m sure they wouldn’t notice. It would make a great tankard full of amber foaming beer for quaffing.

And, here’s my ride.  Cinderella would have been jealous.

Coach Horse at Royal Mews DSC_1378

I think the coachmen turn back into corgis at midnight.  🙂Coach and Horses at Royal Mews DSC_1374

Horse at Royal Mews

Oh poop, I got caught and put in jail.  I’m being held for ransom.  Help ! Send mince pies and brandy or it’s jingly bell sleigh duty for me.

Climate Rally Near You – Sunday Nov 29th 2015

Events took place as scheduled and here are Photographs of the London Rally.

Original Post

It looks as if the mass Climate Rally in Paris will be impossible due to continued security issues.  It is all the more important that people attend local rallies and show the world governments of our concern prior to the Paris conference.  You can find an event near you, using the link below.  Please pass this on:-

Find a Climate Rally Near You:-  http://globalclimatemarch.org/en/

The Paris conference may be the last chance to effect change whilst we can.

Our views do count.  Trends create political and business plans.  These plans determine the future.

Therefore another useful endeavour, that also shows a trend, is the use of your consumer power.  Eventually consumer power is likely to have the greatest beneficial effect.  An initial guide to switching energy suppliers or tariff can be found here (UK, USA, Australia, Canada).

Good luck with all your endeavours to protect this amazing planet. 🙂

Bonsai Trees at Wisley Gardens

Rockery at Wisley

If you think I’m daft enough to climb all the way up there to get photographs of little trees at Wisley Gardens ?  Oh you do.  Oh well, fair enough then.  🙂
Bonsai at Wisley

There is a whole avenue of them, this is jut a few.  There ages are mainly 40-60 years, with one exception.

Acer Palmatum - Japanese Maple Bonsai

Acer Palmatum – Japanese Maple Bonsai

It is amazing to see the whole detail of tree and leaf encapsulated in one small growth.

Ulmus Parvifolia - Chinese Elm Bonsai

Ulmus Parvifolia – Chinese Elm Bonsai

Bonsai at Wisley Gardens


Juniperus Chinensis - Chinese Juniper Bonsai

Juniperus Chinensis – Chinese Juniper Bonsai


Juniperus Rigida Bonsai – Temple Juniper 150 yrs

This one is 150 years old.  It was around before the first telephone was installed, successfully cared for all that time and has never received a telephone bill.  🙂

Brighten the Day 1

Wisley Flower Show 110 pics.  I’ve put aside some florality to brighten the winter days.  Collages will include flowers, orchids, bonsai trees, statues, an occasional odd duck and perhaps something photo-shopped.  Mostly from the Wisley flower show. This is the first, I hope that it brightens your day. 🙂  Click on twice to expand an image.

Allium at Wisley


Have a guess how old this Bonsai tree (Juniperus Rigida) is,  Answer further down.

Jaunty Duck

It’s not my fault. I just live here.

Best Friends by Harriet Francis

Best Friends by Harriet Francis

Fluffy did it.
Purple Flower Wisley



Flower 2 Wisley


And, the Bonsai tree is an amazing 150 years old.

More Brighten the Day ⇐.

Hatfield House and Gardens

Hatfield House,Flower

There is a lot of history and a lot to see at Hatfield House.  This is just a sample.   I’ve started with this flower because it is the most regal that I have seen.  You might also like to view the amazing interiors and some of its Elizabethan history by clicking here.

Inside the house are the famous Rainbow and Ermine portraits of Elizabeth I, together with a  number of ornate ceilings and artifacts.


For instance, this is Lord Burghley who created and ran what was probably the first organized intelligence service.


Hatfield House, Village



. Access from Hatfield rail station is via a viaduct (I’ve always wanted to say that) that spans over a village.
Hatfield House, Old House and Garden

Further into the estate is the old house and gardens.
Hatfield House

This is the rear view of the newer house.
Hatfield House,Church

Across the green is the old church.
Hatfield House,Square

And, nearby is a path leading to the church which is open to visitors for part of the day.
Hatfield House,Tudor Cottage

In the church grounds there is this Tudor cottage.
Hatfield House,Inside Church

And, inside the church the ceiling is being restored.
Hatfield House,Gardens

There are a number of gardens and water features.
Hatfield House,Fountain

Hatfield House, Group Statue

Meet the crew.  There are several statues but I thought this was the best and appears to feature Queen Elizabeth I herself.
Hatfield House,Shop

There is quite an extensive shopping mall with a gallery, large cafe and this.  A toy shop and gun shop side by side. What can I say, it’s the countryside.  Here are some flowers.
Hatfield House,Flower 3

Hatfield House,Flower 2

If you like history then Hatfield House is steeped in it.  More  here.

Sculpture at Wisely

One of the events at Wisley Gardens has been the sculpture trail.  Here are just a few that I found particularly engaging and here are the Alice in Wonderland pieces.  A couple of clicks to expand.  Enjoy ~

Sea Horse in Rockery at Wisley Gardens

Sea Horse in Rockery at Wisley Gardens


Figure XVIII by Henriette Van der Does at Wisley Gardens

Figure XVIII by Henriette Van der Does at Wisley Gardens


The Dodo by Robert James Sculpture Ltd at Wisley Gardens

The Dodo by Robert James Sculpture Ltd at Wisley Gardens


Making Time by Lynn Warren at Wisley Gardens

Making Time by Lynn Warren at Wisley Gardens


Time to Go by Lynn Warren at Wisley Gardens

Time to Go by Lynn Warren at Wisley Gardens


Pan at Wisley Gardens

Pan at Wisley Gardens


Moon Gazing Hare by Alan Wallis at Wisley Gardens

Moon Gazing Hare by Alan Wallis at Wisley Gardens


Offering by Everard Meynell at Wisley Gardens

Offering by Everard Meynell at Wisley Gardens


The Dancers by Lilly Henry at Wisley Gardens

The Dancers by Lilly Henry at Wisley Gardens

Wisley Gardens

Wisley Gardens is run by the Royal Horticultural Society and is certainly amongst their best and quite spectacular.

There is a Flower Show from 8th to 13th September 2015 – Website hereTravel hereFlowers here.  Wisley Wonderland here, Glass House/Orchids/Pitchers here, Statues here and Fuchsias will be added.  Enjoy :-







Flowers at Wisley Gardens

Flowers at Wisley 1

Wisely Gardens is run by the Royal Horticultural Society and I think the best I have seen.  Please click here for the Gardens/Glasshouse/Orchids/Bonsai Trees/Statues.

Flowers at Wisley 2


Flowers at Wisley 3


Flowers at Wisley 4


Flowers at Wisley 5


Flowers at Wisley 6


Flowers at Wisley 7


Flowers at Wisley 8


Flowers at Wisley 9


Flowers at Wisley 10


Flowers at Wisley 11


Flowers at Wisley 12


Flowers at Wisley 13


Flowers at Wisley 14


Flowers at Wisley 15


Flowers at Wisley 16

Flowers at Westminster

Photography is not allowed inside Westminster Abbey (although some have sneaked out here), so I pinched a few flower images from outside.  The camera sees a lot more than the eye and it is always a surprising delight. 🙂

Outside Westminster Abbey - Flower 1 Zoom


Outside Westminster Abbey - Flower 1


Outside Westminster Abbey - Flower 2



Osterley Park House

Osterley Park House was entirely redesigned by architect Robert Adam over a period of twenty years beginning in 1761 on behalf of the Childs family.   Although the the house is not entirely full of artifacts, it is one of the most sumptuous that I have visited.  The gardens can be found here and the flowers here.    Admission times, prices and further information can be found here.

Unfortunately the upstairs rooms were closed during my visit, but here are the downstairs rooms.  The lighting was little dull in places, so it has been raised a little.

Osterley Park House - Hall


Osterley Park House - Foyer Ceiling


Osterley Park House - Foyer


Osterley Park House - Ceiling


Osterley Park House - Bed


Osterley Park House - Mirror


Osterley Park House - Red Room


Osterley Park House - Oranate Ceiling


Osterley Park House - Painting and Sofa


Osterley Park House - Paintings


Osterley Park House - Stairwell Ceiling


Osterley Park House - Study


Osterley Park House - Plate


Osterley Park House - Vases

Osterley Park Flora

The gardens at Osterley Park House have a rich variety of blooms and the admission/info/house and gardens are available to view and photograph.    The house can be found on Google and the nearest underground rail station is Osterley  on the Piccadilly line.   Enjoy ~

Osterley Park - Flowers 7


Osterley Park - Flowers 5


Osterley Park - Flowers 6


Osterley Park - Flowers 1


Osterley Park - Flowers 2


Osterley Park - Flowers 3


Osterley Park - Flowers 4


Osterley Park - Flowers 11


Osterley Park - Flowers 8


Osterley Park - Flowers 9


Osterley Park - Flowers 10

Geffrye Museum – Interiors

The Geoffrye Museum is very close to Hoxton station on the London Overground Line.   There is a front and back garden area, which is worth seeing, and entrance to the museum is free.    The interior has a long row of rooms which depict interior decor and furniture throughout the ages.  There is also an exhibition area in the basement and one may join a tour of a small Alms House exhibit.

Here is a taste of the museum.

Geffrye Museum - Ornate Vases


Geffrye Museum - Hall in 1630


Geffrye Museum - Paintings


Geffrye Museum - Painting


Geffrye Museum - Vase


Geffrye Museum - 4


Geffrye Museum - 5


Geffrye Museum - 3


Geffrye Museum - 6


Geffrye Museum - 7

#SaveFoP: Save Our Freedom of Panorama

The issue is now resolved.  The petition was successful and Freedom of Panorama was saved. With thanks to all who participated.

– With links to the petition, UK MEP’s email addresses and tweeting tags. Please pass it around. :-).

Originally posted on phnat.org (Photographer Not A Terrorist).   With thanks to  Nico Trinkhaus who created the petition and Rabirius (Rabirius.me) who promoted a chain reaction.


Panorama Image © Grant Smith

On 9 July 2015 the European Parliament will vote on the “Freedom of Panorama” legislation, a law that if passed will restrict your right to take photographs from a public place of buildings and even views that have been copyrighted. Read more here.

In the the days leading up to the vote photographers rights campaign group I’m a Photographer Not a Terrorist (PHNAT) calls on all photographers, professional and amateur, to go out and photograph your local landscapes and views, then tweet your photos to the European Parliament.

View original post 75 more words

No Freedom Of Panorama

The issue is now resolved.  The petition was successful and Freedom of Panorama was saved. With thanks to all who participated.

A very important issue with a link to a vital petition, for residents and visitors who wish to photograph in Europe. It is not well known that the right to photograph in Europe could soon be severely restricted.  The petition already has more than 150,000 supporters (on 1 July 2015) but needs more.  Your help will make a difference.  A link to the petition is below.


No Freedom Of Panorama

The European Parliament might destroy photography as we know it by taking away the Freedom of Panorama. That means public buildings and other works of art in public spaces will have a copyright and you need to ask permission to publish photos taken in European cities.

To demonstrate what it might look like, I prepared a photo of Berlin, where I removed the Reichstagsgebäude.

Here is a link to a petition where you will also find more information.

View original post

Sutton House

Lenenfold Parlour

Sutton House Linenfold Parlour

So called because of its rare linenfold design wood paneling.

19 pics. Sutton House is not very big but it is a real gem and is well worth a visit.  It was built-in 1535 by Sir Ralph Sadleir (Principal Secretary of State to Henry VIII) and has a long history of occupation including merchants, sea captains, Huguenot silk-weavers, Victorian schoolmistresses and Edwardian clergy.  In later years it was used by WWII Fire Wardens, the ASTMS Union and then a squat/music venue/community center known as the Blue Room.   The staff are friendly and helpful and it is well managed which results in a sense of preserved rather than restored.

More history here, website (opening times/small entry fee) here ⇒ and essential travel guide here ⇐.   Note: sometimes the website (2019) is misleading about opening times and how to book a visit, you can contact here ».

There is also a Georgian Parlour, tea room, small cafe. outdoor seating areas, used book shop, cellar and chapel (little bare though), small garden/play area and community room.  The site hosts a number of events and family themed days (check the website above).

Do use the paper guide provided on entry, otherwise it is very easy to miss a room or one of the treasure chests.

Art Gallery

Sutton House Art Gallery

If you click on twice to expand, then you will see the names of the young artists.  The room also has an audio-visual guide.

Little Chamber

Sutton House Little Chamber


Sutton House Cradle


Sutton House Chest


Great Chamber

Sir Ralph Sadleir MP

Sir Ralph Sadleir MP


Lady Sadleir and Sir Edwin Sadleir both by Mary Beale

Lady Sadleir and Sir Edwin Sadleir both by Mary Beale


Victorian Room

Sutton House Victorian Room


Sutton House Victorian Clock


Sutton House Victorian Porcelain


Sutton House Chair


Tudor Kitchen

Sutton House Tudor Kitchen

That’s my selfie.

Top Floor

Sutton House Top Floor Eye

This is what remains of the the Blue Room squat, which has it’s own history.

Courtyard Seating

Sutton House Courtyard Seating


Sutton House Photo Mask


Breakers Yard Garden and Sand Pit

Sutton House Breakers Yard



Sutton House Shop

I do love a duck.

Kenwood House Gardens

Kenwood House

This is the front of Kenwood House with entrance to the rear, gardens to the left and cafe/shop to the right.  The interiors are here and flowers are here.  Entrance is free to both house and gardens and non-commercial photographers are welcome inside.

The nearest underground rail station is Archway and the 210 bus can be taken from stand E  to the next stop E (near Compton Ave) and then a short walk to Kenwood House.

This is one of the most pleasant and peaceful gardens and park-lands that I have visited. Most of the flowers are Rhododendron in a great variety of colours.  There will be close ups in the next post.

Kenwood House Gardens
Kenwood House Gardens 1


Just to the left of the Dairy (small white building) in the distance just beyond the gardens, is a statue by Henry Moore.

Henry Moore - Two Piece Reclining Figure No 5 - Kenwood House

Henry Moore – Two Piece Reclining Figure No 5 .   Myself, I might have called it “Dreams of a Jive Bunny”.  🙂

Back to the gardens.

Kenwood House Gardens 3


Kenwood House Gardens 2


Kenwood House Gardens 4


Spot the Gorilla

Kenwood Park Lake

This is a view to the south of Kenwood Park and beyond is Hampstead Heath.  If you look closely, just to the right of center, one might see a huge green shaggy gorilla with three fingers in the water.  🙂  And, who’s he talking to ?  🙂

Kenwood House Cafe

The cafe has a very pleasant seating area amongst an array of flowers, with more seating from where this photograph is taken, and a shop to the right.  The staff are friendly and, although quite busy, a very calm and enjoyable atmosphere.

Here is the boss (of all he surveys). 🙂

Kenwood House Rook

Floral Fusion 2

3 pics.

← Previous Flora Fusion 1.

A little something to brighten the day (click on a picture for full screen and again to magnify).

fusion 2d

A little more colour ↓.

Floral fusion 2e

A little less flowers ↓.

fusion E2c2


No flowers were harmed whilst making this display but several brain cells went walkabouts. 😀

Flora Fusion 1

4 pics.

Floral Fusion 2 →.
Fusion 1


Flora Fusion 3


Flora Fusion 2


Fusion 4

St James’s Park

The Eastern End of St James’s Park
St James Park - East End Fountain 1

Hiya, welcome to St James’s Park.   At this end of the long lake can be found  a cafe, parkland, benches, deck chairs, flower beds, geese, ducks, coots and moorhens here.  There are also some very friendly squirrels here and pelicans further down this page (feeding time at the cottage is 2:30 pm).

At the western end can be found Buckingham Place, the changing of the guard pageant, more waterfowl including swans and nearby Green Park with the Canada Memorial.

The nearest underground station is St James (although Westminster is almost as close to the eastern end of the park) and it is a pleasant walk beside the lake from end to end.

St James Park - East End Fountain 2


St James Park - East End View


St St James Park - Cottage

The pelicans gather beside this cottage just before 2:30 pm for feeding.

St James Park - Pelicans“Perhaps a little pigeon al fresco whilst I am waiting”.  –   “Oy who nicked my piano ?”

St James Park - London Eye

The London Eye.

Buckingham Palace from the Central Bridge

Looking to the west.

St James park - Buckingham Palace 1


St James park - Buckingham Palace 2

If you look carefully, you can see the Old Man of the Willow,  sitting down with his hands on his knees.

Horse Guards from the Central Bridge

Looking to the east.

You cannot view the interiors but there is a small museum and one of these.

St James Palace - Dragon Cannon


St James Palace - Guard

..  and as always, one of these.  Doesn’t it make you want to say “you poor ~ “.

St James Park Fountain at Night

At dusk  the fountains light up and from the sound of all the honks and quacks there all having a party 😀 .

St James Park – Wildlife Band

At the East End of St James Park, London

So let me introduce to you, The one and only Billy Shears, And Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Ruddy Duck

Ruddy Duck (really)

It was twenty years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play, They’ve been going in and out of style, But they’re guaranteed to raise a smile, So may I introduce to you, The act you’ve known for all these years, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Ruddt Duck 2

We’re Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, We hope you will enjoy the show

Teal Duck

We’re Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Sit back and let the evening go

Goose - St James Park

It’s wonderful to be here

Tufted Duck
It’s certainly a thrill
Duck St James Park 2
You’re such a lovely audience

We’d like to take you home with us

Duck - St James Park 1
We’d love to take you home


Oh we would, we would.    –  Why are you doing that with your leg ?  I don’t know, he started it.

Black Swan

More feathers than sense that lot.


Find the Squirrel (its in the middle).


Here’s one.  Here’s some more  (in a new tab).


I am Moorhen than Duck

St James park Flowers

I don’t really want to stop the show, But I thought that you might like to know, That the singer’s going to sing a song, And he wants you all to sing along

St james park Flower

We’re Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
We hope you will enjoy the show
We’re Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Sit back and let the evening go
Sgt. Pepper’s lonely, Sgt. Pepper’s lonely
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band ~

We hope you enjoyed the show and thank you for visiting.


Beep, Mole Periscope or Dumb Insolence with Megaphone and two more pics.

Beep – Feed Me                                                                                         Boop – Fir Tree with blossom ?

Happy Spring Time to all.

Extremely Rare

April 1-2

Thanks to a friendly park keeper at St James Park, I was able to photograph twin Graylag Geese.   Born from one egg, that would otherwise have been a double yolk, they rarely survive and these two have another special feature.  Ethologist Konrad Lorenz did his first major studies into the behavioural phenomenon of imprinting using Graylag Geese and, according to the park keeper, these two have imprinted on one another and are inseparable.

They are so rare that you are unlikely to see anything like this until next April 1st.   Yes, I am disgraceful and ingenious abuse is welcome and probably deserved.   Here’s wishing you all a fun day. 🙂