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Squirrels in the Park

Just outside Kensington Palace and a little to the north, there is an intersection in the path where the squirrels like to play.   These cheeky chaps seem particularly interested in people with shopping.  They also like to play hide and seek with photographers. The other games are;  now I’m in focus and now I’m not and I’ll move just at the moment you press the shutter button.  They’re very good at it.   I took about 20 snaps, these are the only 4 worth showing.   Can’t complain though, they were only having fun and very endearing.

Squiirels in Kensington Gardens

“I say, have you got any linguine and do you know the way to San José.”

Just outside Kensington Palace where you can see this house.

House near Kensington Gardens



Now you see me, and now  ~


“Flash ah  ah , the savior of the universe”.


“Alright you got me.  Now about my fee”.

I hope you enjoyed that. They always make me laugh.

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Kensington Gardens

Also, Kensington Palace , Kensington Garden Flowers , Elfin Oak , Playful SquirrelsSquirrels up my Leg , and Serpentine Water Fowl ( The Dog and Swan)

Tree - Kensington Gardens


 At the Queens Gate

Deer and Foal - Queens Gate - Kensington Gardens


Gate House - Kensington Gardens


 The Gardens

Bird Statue - Kensington Gardens

Serpentine Lake

On the other side of the Serpentine Lake is Hyde Park. We’ll have a wander over.



Swans - Kensington Gardens

Here I am on my holidays,  That’s me with the wings.  What a hoot,  honk.

Ice Cream Van - Kensington Gardens


And, In the Autumn

Back at Kensington Gardens in the Autumn



Utumn - Kensington Gardens


Kensington Gardens - Autumn


A beautifully atmospheric autumn evening,  at 11 am.   I do love the British weather.

Kensington Palace

17 pics.  From Queensway Underground station, across the main road, through the main gates and along the broad avenue facing south through Kensington Gardens.  After a short walk, a small clock tower and the Elfin Oak ⇐ can be seen on the right.  A little further on, also on the right, is Kensington Palace.  The palace was built in 1605.  More of its history, from Wiki, can be found here ⇐.  The official website, with admission prices etc, can be found here ⇐.

Non-commercial photography is permitted but the lighting is dim and there is a certain amount of glare. As a result it was necessary to use a higher ISO setting than I would normally wish and gives a brighter impression than is really the case.  Nevertheless, if you like old houses, it is the most atmospheric that I have come across so far.

It is well worth using the map, provided with your ticket, and finding the Queen’s rooms. They are located behind a large wooden door and you may have to ask an attendant for access.  However, the staff are very friendly, informative and helpful.

Kensington Palace


Kensington Palace Ceiling




Kensington Palace Room


Kensington Palace Shadow Dancers

If you wait a little while, the shadow will dance accompanied by the sound of shoes upon the hard wood floor and occasionally a little music.




Above is Princess Amelia, a favourite daughter of George III.   The shadow dancers will occasionally move into each others space and dance together.


One can only wonder at how many, during the long past, have gazed at this view from the window and of their thoughts and dreams.  You might spare a moment to join them.










And, hats off to the artisans who built this for their skill and diligence.

You might also like to see some of Kensington Gardens Flowers ⇐ or perhaps what the local Water Fowl ⇐ do for fun.

Kensington Gardens Flowers

Taken in mid August, a little sunshine for December.

Kensington Garden Flower 2
Kensington Garden Flower 7
Kensington Garden Flower 3
Kensington Garden Flower 5
Kensington Garden Flower 4
Kensington Garden Flower 6
Kensington Garden Flower 1


The Elfin Oak

From the North Gate of Kensington Gardens, just across from the station called Queensway, a traveler might proceed along the great path leading south. After but a short walk, can be found on the right, a small clock tower. Very close to this, and beside an outdoor purveyor of comestibles, the Elfin Oak will be found.

Elfin Oak 6


Clock Tower - Kensington Gardens


Elfin Oak DSC_6497The remaining stump is of an Oak being 900 years of age. Carefully carved by Mr Ivor Innes in the year 1911 to reveal the elfin folk that were hidden within. Thereafter maintained by that same gentlemen for a further 40 years.

Later restored by the efforts of the inimitable Mr Spike Milligan and friends in 1966, the Elfin Oak is now protected by its own cage of steel.

Peeking into this little world, one might still see – Wookey the witch, with her three jars of health, wealth and happiness, Huckleberry the gnome, carrying a bag of berries up the Gnomes’ Stairway to the banquet within Bark Hall, and Grumples and Groodles the Elves being awakened by Brownie, Dinkie, Rumplelocks and Hereandthere stealing eggs from the crows’ nest.  Or, these fine characters :-

Elfin Oak 3


Elfin Oak DSC_6493


Elfin Oak 7


Elfin Oak 2


Kensington Gardens - Elfin Oak

. . . .  and many more

A book, with the title “The Elfin Oak of Kensington Gardens”, was later crafted by Ivor and Elsie Innes and revealed that “for centuries now it has been the home of fairies, gnomes, elves, imps, and pixies. In the nooks and crannies they lurk, or peer out of holes and crevices, their natural windows and doorways. It is their hiding-place by day, their revelry place by night, and when the great moon tops the bare branchless tree the Elfin Clans come out to play and frolic in the moonlight.”

The Dog and Swan

Kensington Gardens, Serpentine Lake and Fauna

15 pics.  –  Just behind the Albert Memorial is a very nice outdoor cafe and one of the entrances to Kensington Gardens.  To the left and a little further north there is Kensington Palace and to the right is the Serpentine Lake with Hyde park on the other side.   You might also like Squirrels up my Leg.

At the cafe


“I don’t know what it is, but I shall defend it to my last breath, or teatime.”

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens
At the end of August.

On the Serpentine

First a word from our sponsor.

Graylag Goose

“No brain cells were harmed during the making of the this travesty but we can’t guarantee the same whilst reading it, and have you got any cake. “

Inquistive Goose

“I say, they’ve got tea and buns”

Dog 2“Do I look like I’ve got a bun”


“What do think of my new paint job and have a got any panini.”

Signor briefly broke of the session to give a small dog a thorough hissing and then returned to a perfect composure.  What it must be to live in the moment.

Signora and Cygnet

Swan and Cygnets

“Don’t look Nigel,  Ma’s gone all tipsy again”.  “Oh look a shiny thing”



“That Odette, what a diva. Not like me I’m so demure, and modest with it.”

Greylag Goose on Land

“Me, I’m firm but fair and proof against meteorites.”

Mr Flogget

“Pay attention class while Mr Flogget demonstrates how we do walking”.    “I’ll confiscate that in a minute”

The Flying School


“Ok, now choose a nice soft landing ground, lower landing gear, throttle back and full flaps – tee hee I’m so funny.”


“Alright not bad, now get off that swan.  These kids, honestly what can you do !”


Never had a lesson in my life.  Wheeeeeeee”

The Preening Salon


“Well of course he got his bill stuck in the mud.  I told him, I said if we were meant to do that, we would have been born with propellers. “

The Last Word

Dusky Moorhen

“It’s like living in a madhouse around here.  Why can’t they be more normal like what I am. “