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The National Gallery – London – UK

The Horses of Achilles in the style of Anthony van Dyke

The Horses of Achilles in the style of Anthony van Dyke

The National Gallery (London UK) is adjacent to Trafalgar Square ⇐, St Martin in the Field ⇐ and the National Portrait Gallery ⇐.  Entrance is free and you may photograph (no flash or tripod).  You can also download images but with very limited use.  The website is here ⇒.

Paintings like these provide an insight into past life, attitudes, stories and legends.  Many show the enormous skill of the artists.  All have been brightened a little to compensate for the low lighting and fading/darkening of paint.  You might also like a selection of digitally enhanced versions that try to show their original vibrancy here ⇐.

The National Gallery Entrance (London)

The National Gallery Entrance (London)


The Fighting Temeraire by Joseph Mallord William Turner

The Fighting Temeraire by Joseph Mallord William Turner


The Virgin and Child with Saints by Lorenzo Costa and Gianfrancesco Maineri

The Virgin and Child with Saints by Lorenzo Costa and Gianfrancesco Maineri


Saints Christina and Ottilia by Lucas Cranach the Elder

Saints Christina and Ottilia by Lucas Cranach the Elder


Saints Genevieve and Appollonia by Lucas Cranach the Elder

Saints Genevieve and Appollonia by Lucas Cranach the Elder


Adriana van Heusden and her Daughter at the New Fish Market in Amsterdam by Emanuel de Witte

Adriana van Heusden and her Daughter at the New Fish Market in Amsterdam by Emanuel de Witte


Seaport with the Embarkation of the Queen of Sheba by Claude

Seaport with the Embarkation of the Queen of Sheba by Claude


Dutch Vessels Close Inshore at Low Tide and Men Bathing by Wilem van de Velde

Dutch Vessels Close Inshore at Low Tide and Men Bathing by Wilem van de Velde


Infant St John with the Lamb by Bartoleme Esteban Murillo

Infant St John with the Lamb by Bartoleme Esteban Murillo


London Interior of the Rotunda at Raneleigh by Canaletto

London Interior of the Rotunda at Raneleigh by Canaletto


Phillip th IV Hunting Wild Boar by Diego Valazquez

Phillip th IV Hunting Wild Boar by Diego Valazquez


Eaton College

Eaton College


National Gallery Portico - London

National Gallery Portico – London

Canada Memorial

The Canada Memorial (London) was opened in 1994 and is dedicated to the Canadians who served in the two world wars.   It can found at the bottom of Green Park very near to Buckingham Palace.

When I visited it was a very hot day in July and children were very happily using it as a water slide.  Despite the “keep off” sign, nobody wanted to stop them and everybody was having a great day in the sunshine.

This little pigeon decided to join in and enjoy cool feet.  A lot of wild life around London seem to have become so accustomed to a human presence that they can allow themselves to indulge in curiosity and even participation.  The squirrels of St James Park being a great example.  Here is one cool pigeon.

Canada Monument and Pigeon

Canada Monument 1

Canada Monument - Closeup

The colours of the opening picture are so intriguing that I couldn’t help tweaking it a bit.

Canada Monument and Pigeon - Enhanced

The Temple Church

Temple Church 116 pics – The Temple Church dates from 1185 and can be found amidst the Temple Court.  More pictures of the Temple Court and how to find it here⇐.

Flowers of the Temple Court here⇐,

Admission to the Temple Church here⇒ (do check for admission dates/times) and its History here.    It has some of the most intricate stained glass that I have ever seen and there are pictures further down.

Temple Church Interior 2


Temple Church Interior 4


Temple Church Stained Glass 9


These are four separate windows.


Temple Church Stained Glass 6


Temple Church Stained Glass 7


Temple Church Stained Glass 5


Temple Church Stained Glass 8


Temple Church Interior 1


Temple Church Effigy 1


Temple Church Interior 3


Temple Church Interior 5

Kew Gardens Views

The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew are extensive  enough to spend an entire day there.  Admission to Kew Gardens includes the TemperatHouses,e Houses, Hot  Treetop Walkway and Kew Palace.   And here there are Flowers at Kew and Orchids at Kew

The Pagoda requires a further charge, paid at the main gate.  When I was there it was £4.  I told them that £4 was not enough they’d have to pay me at least 50 quid to go up that.

The  nearest rail station, to the main gates,  is Kew Bridge (South West Trains).  Then turn right out of the station then left over the bridge and first right to the main gates.

Kew Gardens Cottage

Kew Gardens Tree Kew Gardens Monkey Puzzle Tree Kew Gardens Bridge

Kew Gardens Pagoda

Kew Gardens Rockery

Kew Gardens Japanese Gardens Waterfall

Kew Gardens Statue of Gardener

Orchids at Kew Gardens

Orchids in the Hot House at Kew Gardens

7 pics.  Hot house is not an overstatement and is also very humid so be prepared to carry clothing.  These are just a sample, there are also many other exotics and cacti.  Also at Kew; Kew Gardens and Kew Palace.

Hey, hey we’re the Monkeys.   It’s worth a click-on for full screen and another click to magnify.  🙂

Kew Gardens Orchids

Kew Gardens Orchid 3
Kew Gardens Orchid 2
Kew Gardens Orchid 1

There are more orchids here

Inside Hall Place

The interior of Hall Place may see a little empty at first, but it does give the impression of being recently vacated and still vibrant with the presence of it’s previous occupants.  One might imagine the graceful elegance of past days, romance and gentle intrigue.  More about Hall Place, admission and gardens can be found here.

Hall Place

Above is  a view of the hall from the side gallery and below is the musician’s gallery as seen from the floor of the main hall.

.Minstrels Gallery at Hall Place

Hall and Chair

Chandelier at Hall Place
Fire Place at Hall Place
Ceiling at Hall Place

Flora at Hall Place, Bexley

12 Pics – Hall Place

In the hot house and shop.

Hot House Flowers
Extraordinary Flower

This one comes in peace, offering tokens of jelly beans.

Happy is the tiger with a badger as guardian angel
Heart of Orchid

Snoopy Orchid

Hang on Snoopy, snoopy hang on, de dup de dup, dee do do, de dup .


Whaaaa, surprise.

In the Garden


She’d not pulled a double a double rose, a rose but only two, When up came young Tam Lin says “Lady pull no more.”


Garden Flower

In the House


Hall Place Flowers


Vase of Flowers in the Hall


Thank you for visiting and there will be more about the house and gardens later.

Characters at the Greenwich Tall Ships Festival

Characters  (18 pics)

I’m a star. – Those on the other end of the lead were watching the river and had no idea what their dog was doing.  She was drawing a little crowd of her own.  The words “what a character” were often heard.  She wins my first prize for “Character of the Festival”.

A close second comes :-

Please click on an image to expand and view a slideshow:-

The Crews

Greenwich Festival Characters DSC_5316

 Please click on an image to expand and view slide show:-

And, then click on

The Tall Ships  ►►

And, thank you for your visit.

The Tall Ships at Greenwich

The Greenwich Tall Ships Festival

14 pics. The Festival brought a group of tall ships up the Thames for the first time in 25 years.  They met from all over the world at Falmouth and raced to Greenwich.  During the last day parade the wind was not favourable to sail.  Hats off to the skippers for making sail for the spectators, even though it meant expending extra fuel to make progress.  There were 50+ taking part.  Here are a few.

Dar Mlodziezy

Dar Mlodziezy

Dar Mlodziezy, which dwarfed all the other vessels, won the first in it’s class (A).



Duet won first in it’s class (B) and first overall.  It is a yawl.  That is, it has an additional mast/sail aft of  it’s rudder.  The design was originally created to add extra sail without breaking the design rules for it’s racing class.  That, together with a big mainsail and two additional foresail(s) on it’s bowsprit, makes a very powerful rig that takes skill to handle well.  The Cirdan Trust ⇒.   Pictures under sail (updated) ⇒.

Stavros S Niarchos

Stavros S Niarchos

The Stavros S Niarchos won the communications prize for doing the most to aid the race schedule communications.



Tenacious was a mix of able bodied and less able  bodied crew.  They did well to gain third in their class (A)

Gulden Leeuw

Gulden Leeuw

The Golden Leeuw  won the the Friendship Trophy for having contributed the most towards international friendship and understanding.  They were also the most international crew and won the Young Trainee Award.

Pelican of London

Pelican of London

The youngest Captain (Tom Whiteford)

J.R. Tolkien

J.R. Tolkien

Loth Lorien

Loth Lorien











I couldn’t get the name of this one but it certainly caught everybody’s attention.   Most particularly because it had a working cannon which they delighted in using, making everybody jump and producing great clouds of smoke.  They even had the cheek to fire it in the vicinity of Woolwich Arsenal.  In past days they would have been blown to bits.

Royal Barge

Royal Barge

The Royal Barge appeared two days earlier and is the one used for the Queens Jubilee.   Sixty years in the same job and they didn’t even give her one with an engine.  A close look at the those on the oars would indicate that they have probably been quaffing something.

Next, click on – The Festival and it’s characters.

And, thank you for visiting.

Climate Change Rally – London 2014

If you would like to learn how we can have more of an effect click here.    (click here for 2015 Rally Information)

For the past 3 decades, it seems to me, that there has been much effort to persuade people that there is no point in trying to make a difference.  It didn’t work.   To those who never give up, add those who are just beginning.  Hope and endeavor just keep on being born.  It is slow but it is relentless.     ~     Latest news – 40,000 attended the London rally.   That’s 4 times the expected number.

Climate Change Rally London 2014


To download a picture; left click to expand then right-click and choose “Save Image As” from the pop up menu.

Nelson Mandela, Lloyd George and Winston Churchill.  I think they would have approved


And, It’s a Long Road Out of Eden, but it does have some good guitar on the way.

I have a slight preference for the original Eagles version, but this is the best recording I could find.

More news  from the BBC

Bench Presses

Books about Town

By popular demand.

The  National Literary Trust together with Wild in Art, created the Books About Town project.  As result 50 ornate benches were placed around London in early July 2014.   Each bench is dedicated to a particular book. The benches will be removed from 15 September 2014 in preparation for auction in October.   The auction will raise money for the trust.  What a great idea. Just below are a few I managed to photograph in Greenwich and here are all the Books About Town ⇒  and here is  More About Greenwich ⇐.


On the Origin of Species – Charles Darwin



The Railway Children – E. Nesbit



The Canterbury Tales – Geoffrey Chaucer


Frozen in Time – Captain Scott


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Michael Rosen

Flowers at Upper Greenwich Gardens

I’m always amazed at the extraordinary detail that can be seen in flora when using more than the human eye.  Enjoy  🙂   More of Wonderful Greenwich.

DSC_2975 (4)



DSC_2975 (1)


DSC_2975 (6)

DSC_2975 (14)

DSC_2975 (16)

Squirrels in Greenwich Park

At the upper level park.

Your mission, should you wish to accept it, is nuts.


First we catch the nut.

DSC_2887 Then we check to see if it’s suitable for burying or best eaten now.


Then we bury the ones that will keep.


Then we have some fun.  Shhimple !


This is one’s just hanging.


But, in a different light.  Them paparazzi will demonize anybody, disgraceful.  😛

Squirrels can usually be found at the south east corner of upper Greenwich Park.

The Painted Hall at the Naval College, Greenwich

The Painted Hall

9 Pics – Entrance is free and non-commercial photography is allowed without licence.  The Chapel PicturesVisiting Wonderful Greenwich and it’s History  and  Travel to Greenwich and Visitors Map 

From May 2017 to early Sept 2017 there is an opportunity to climb trestles for a closer look.  There is a charge during this time so please see the website ⇒.

Dome - Painted Hall - Naval College - Greenwich


Ceiling - Painted Hall - Naval Colege - Greenwich

Candle Statue - Painted Hall - Naval College - Greenwich



A closer look reveals that shadows are painted on, to give a 3D effect.













Painting - Painted Hall - Naval College - Greenwich


Here again is a 3D effect.

3D Painting - Painted Hall - Naval College - Greenwich


At the Greenwich Visitors Centre

A word from our sponsors.

DSC_1413 He’s stone deaf you know.

Stone Bust - Visitors Centre - GreenwichIt’s very peaceful here.



Hampton Court Palace

14 pics Travel to Hampton Court by Train or River. Admission/Information/Events.  Admission can include Hampton Court Palace or just the gardens. The gardens usually close at 5 pm and the Palace at 6 pm.  Pictures of Hampton Court Gardens.  The Royal Chapel is the best feature and, although photography is not allowed, you can view here.

Gates - Hampton Court

Statues - Hampton Court


Somebody got caught in his pyjamas.

Ornate Ceiling - Hampton Court

Many of the tapestries are very old and faded. The frescos likewise. I picked the best I could find.

Tapestry - Hampton Court

Painted Ceiling - Hampton Court

Fresco - Hampton Court

Bedroom - Hampton CourtDSC_1361

Entrance - Hampton Court

Hampton Court Gardens

7 Pics – .  I didn’t have time to view all the gardens, but here are extracts from three of the six.  Visitors are welcome to use the park benches to picnic.  The Wilderness Garden (not shown) contains the famous maze, which is very difficult ~ Shhhhh.        Travel to Hampton Court by Train or River.    Admission prices can include Hampton Court Palace or just the gardens. The gardens usually close at 5 pm and the Palace at 6 pm.  More garden pictures.

Flowers - Hampton Court Statues - Hampton Court DSC_1235 Horses - Hampton Court DSC_1275

Garden - Hampton Court


Palace of Westminster and Big Ben

6 Pics: The Palace of Westminster hosts the UK Parliament’s House of Commons and House of Lords.  Visitor Tours and Photography Restrictions inside, outside is not a problem. 

Alongside is Westminster Abbey. Visiting Westminster Abbey, where photography is not allowed inside.  Both are right outside Westminster Underground railway station.  Nearby, one can take a variety of river tours.

The fine detail of the palace exterior is not often seen, so here are some pictures. 🙂

Westminster 1


West 4


Westminster Turrret 1


Westminster Turret 2


Westminster 2


Big Ben Close Up

The Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark and the legacy of the great sailing ships

The Cutty Sark is now on show at Greenwich (London,UK).  It is the last remaining example of the great Tea Clippers.  For more information about the exhibit please click here.

The first of each tea harvest from China to Europe was of great commercial value. These ships were built for that purpose, using a narrow hull and powerful rig.  Built for speed rather than large cargo.  For more of that history please click here.

The Cutty Sark was recognised as the foremost in its class even though it never quite won the Great Tea Race.


This is another Clipper Ship, Lightning under full sail.

Provided under Creative Commons License by: Bruce Von Stetina




Ships like these and their crews advanced the knowledge of construction, navigation and seamanship.  Altogether making travel by sea a lot safer than it used to be.  It was once the most hazardous of all occupations.  By contrast, going to sea has now become a pleasure to many.

An important principle still remains for all such potentially hazardous occupations.  That is, the development of good habit.  Often inconvenient in good weather but a vital life safer when wet, cold, tired, in the dark, confused and disoriented.

Such vessels do not remain in service and their builders and brave crews are no longer with us. But, the advances that they made remain. Those ships and their crews may not still roll,  but because of their legacy, they still rock.

Thank you for visiting Freed From Time

Art in Victoria Park

Victoria Park, Bow, London, UK.                          –  Click on an image to enlarge.

Victoria Park Lake

The progress of cheerful duck will always overide serious reflections.

Victoria Park Statue

I can do this all day.

Victoria Park Victoria Park Flower Victoria Park Monument

Standing Guard                                                                                        on the Triffids (not in the same place)

At the Royal Inn on the Park                                                                That’s what I call a makeover

Straight Up With A Twist

The Cable Car over the Thames, London,UK.

Well, I suppose the builders were grinning when they said they’d give it whirl.  I should have known better really.

The United Emirates cable car traverses the river Thames in East London between the Royal Victoria Dock, on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and the North Greenwich Peninsula.  It can be found on the Standard London Underground Map ⇒  at sector D8.  From Greenwich Pensinsula there is a bus service to wonderful Maritime (Cutty Sark) Greenwich ⇐ which is on another branch of the Docklands Light Railway.

Cable Car Fares ⇒  

It makes sense to use an Oyster Card (touch in/touch out) as this will also save money on the London Underground/Overground and Docklands Light Railway.

About Oyster Cards ⇒.

BE AWARE: That if you forget to touch in with a card there is a heavy fine.  If you forget to touch out when leaving a station, the maximum charge is deducted from your card.

A video of the view ⇒  shows that although it is partly obstructed by the tall buildings of Canary Wharf and lasts 5-10 minutes (according to time of day), it is nevertheless quite good value for money. 

It is used for some commuting to and from work, so it is better to avoid peak times.

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