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The Lady of Shalott

The Lady of Shalott poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson was the inspiration for the painting of the same name by John William Waterhouse here ⇒. The poem was loosely based upon the tragic Arthurian legend of Elaine of Astolat ⇒.  There is an 1833 version and an 1842 version of the poem.  This is the latter.

The poem includes the phrase “The mirror crack’d from side to side” which was used for the title of a Miss Marple murder mystery by Agatha Christie.

Twas the Night before Christmas

Twas the Night 1-2 copy


Twas the Night 3-4 copy


“Twas the Night before Christmas” or “A Visit from St Nicholas”. The complete poem by Clement Clarke Moore first published in 1823 and the first time that St Nicholas was associated with a sleigh and reindeers. It is a real joy to read.

A Christmas Story – Oops

Twas the day before the night before Christmas and all through the city twas well. Then it got silly.

Said Alice, at Wisley

The Alice in Wonderland event ends 31st Aug 2015, but in the meantime click on twice to expand, said Alice ~

If you look where Alice looks, then you’ll see what Alice sees.   Cats with a cheesy grins, found nesting up in trees.

White Rabbit at Wisley Gardens

Said Alice, to a rabbit who was late.

Snail at Wisley Gardens
And here’s a snail that’s made of flowers, and a mushroom for my plate,
Toadstool at Wisley Gardens

A pillar with a hookah.
Hookah at Wisley Gardens


Red Queen 2 at Wisley Gardens

Off with his head

And a Red Queen in a spate,

Red Queen 1 at Wisley Gardens

. . . and his

Then strange tea with the Mad Hatter,

Wouldn’t that be great ?.


Said Alice, who burst into song ~

Paused for the Holidays

Teddy and Dongle


Due to unexpected technical difficulties and the after effects of abduction by Yuletide aliens, we will be temporarily off-line.  I  hope you all enjoy your holidays. 😀

Images temporarily abducted from the interweb.

The Great Dance

With a little music at the end, for the dance. 🙂

Once again, hats off to the builders, makers, artists and musicians.  There is also Hall Place Gardens, Hall Place Interiors and nearby Danson House.

The Yacht

The Yacht - Page1-2 at 75% The Yacht - Page3-4 at 75%

Freed from Time – Stories – Inspirations – The Yacht

… and a little music for those who enjoy an occasional lazy day on a sea kindly yacht.

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