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Strawberry Hill House


10 pics – The house was created by Horace Walpole who was the  youngest son of Robert Walpole (Britain’s first Prime Minister).  Work began in 1749 and continued in stages over the following 27 years. It was recently discovered that the original colouring was white and would have looked quite remarkable in its day, as it does now.  The house is in a Gothic style of the fairy-tale variety and has extraordinary interiors here.

The interiors have been restored to an original state which gives a quite surreal appearance, as if it is still waiting for its first occupant.  It’s surreal, but very peaceful character, is aided by some recent artwork.

The house once contained a massive collection of artworks, which were unfortunately sold by a later owner.  The collection was so vast that the sale lasted for 30 days.   The trust is  gradually acquiring more items for the interior but the restored decor, picture glass and paintings are still worth seeing.

The website is here and the Wikipedia history hereDo check the website for opening times and to book a ticket for the house (before 10:30 on the day of your visit).  Tickets are half price on Mondays and Tuesdays.   A guide-book is provided and essential if one is not to miss some of the rooms and the Chapel.  I missed the Chapel but Google images are available here (there are many pics of the house mixed in),

Strawberry Hill House


Strawberry Hill House and Figures


Strawberry Hill House - Lawn Fifures


Strawberry Hill House Lawn Figure


Strawberry Hill House - Girl Figure 1


Strawberry Hill House - Girl Figure 2


Strawberry Hill House - Old House


Strawberry Hill House Statue

Strawberry Hill House - Dog Figure


Strawberry Hill House - Griffon Figure

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