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Bacon Street Art and Charlie Burns and More

Bacon Street DSC_4998

Not far over the foot bridge from Fleet Street Hill/Pedley Street art⇐ there is Bacon Street and a picture of Charlie Burns who led an extraordinary life.  A life which included a private audience with the Pope who gave him a medal for charitable work.  Well known on Bacon Street and the surrounding area, his fascinating story can be found here⇒.

More on Bacon Street

Bacon Street DSC_5001


Bacon Street DSC_5004


Bacon Street DSC_5002

On Sclater Street.

Sclater Street DSC_5007


Sclater Street DSC_5010

On Chance Street

Chance Street DSC_5013


Chance Street DSC_5016


Chance Street DSC_5018


Chance Street DSC_5022


Chance Street DSC_5024


Chance Street DSC_5037

On Redchurh Street

Redchurch Street DSC_5025


Redchurch Street DSC_5030


Redchurch Street DSC_5032

That is the last of street-art for a while. Next, something smaller.

First street-art post⇐

Amazing 3D street-art⇒

Street Art Beyond Pedley Street and Allen Gardens

Pedley Street - Allen Gardens DSC_4958

Starting from Brick Lane (east London), famous for a wealth of spicy foods, Pedley Street alley art⇐ leads to Allen Gardens and is not far from Spitalfields City Farm⇒.  (closed on Mondays).

Allen Gardens

Pedley Street - Allen Gardens DSC_4953


Pedley Street - Allen Gardens DSC_4947


Pedley Street- Allen Gardens DSC_4949


Pedley Street - Allen Gardens DSC_4951


Pedley Street - Allen Gardens DSC_4957

The Nomadic Community Gardena and Cafe.

Turning back from Allen Gardens and through the underpass there is the Nomadic Community Gardens and Cafe (also closed on Mondays the day I went) .

Pedley Street Alleyway DSC_4968


Nomadic Community Gardens DSC_4970


Nomadic Community Gardens DSC_4983


Nomadic Community Gardens DSC_4975


Nomadic Community Gardens DSC_4974


Nomadic Community Gardens DSC_4979

At the end of the gardens turn left into Fleet St Hill.

Fleet St Hill.

Pedley Street Alleyway DSC_4982


Pedley Street Alleyway DSC_4984


Pedley Street Alleyway DSC_4987


Pedley Street Alleyway DSC_4985


Pedley Street Alleyway DSC_4988

At the end of this short road is a footbridge and what lies beyond is Cheshunt St ( turn left) then turn first right onto Kerbala St which leads to Bacon St and Charlie Burns and More⇐.

Brick Lane Street Art and Tolerance

Street Art by Stik on Princelet Street DSC_5061

18 pics.  There is a lot of street art in the area of Brick Lane (east London).  The picture above, by Stik on Princelet St, may not seem very remarkable but it shows an essential truth of this part of London.  The picture is self explanatory, its significance is that it is well known and has remained intact for more than three years.  And, more street-art:-

Street Art Beyond Pedley Street and Allen Gardens

Bacon Street Art and Charlie Burns and More

Also on Princelet St:-

Street Art on Princelet Street DSC_5063

On Hanbury St off Brick Lane.

Street Art on Hanbury Street DSC_5060


Street Art on Hanbury Street DSC_4909


Street Art on Hanbury Street DSC_4913


Street Art on Hanbury Street DSC_4918


Street Art on Hanbury Street DSC_4920


Street Art on Hanbury Street DSC_4922


Street Art on Hanbury Street DSC_4925

On Brick Lane.

Street Art on Brick Lane DSC_4926


Street Art on Brick Lane

The Pedley St alleyway that Leads from Brick Lane to Allen Park.

Street Art on Pedley Street Alleyway DSC_5055


Street Art on Pedley Street Alleyway DSC_4937


Street Art on Pedley Street Alleyway DSC_4938


Street Art on Pedley Street Alleyway DSC_4943


Street Art on Pedley Street Alleyway DSC_4944


Street Art on Pedley Street Alleyway DSC_4931


Street Art on Pedley Street Alleyway DSC_4960

Behind me there is Allen Gardens with more street art and to the right there is more of the Pedley St alleyway with street art and the Nomadic Community Gardens, all in the next post⇐.  A little further behind me is the Spitalfields City Farm which is closed on Mondays.

Trafalgar Square and Street Artists

Street Art Face at Trafalgar Square

Even on a grey November day there is something to see. The eyes in this drawing are worth a second look.

Yoda at Trafalgar Square copy

Bubbles at Trafalgar Square


Death and Bagpipes at Trafalgar Square copy
Statue at Trafalgar Square

“They seek him here, they seek him there,  His clothes are loud, but never square.
It will make or break him so he’s got to buy the best, ‘Cause he’s a dedicated follower of fashion”.

Horse Skeleton at Trafalgar Square

This one has been here for a long time.
Lion at Trafalgar Square

There was an event on, so I couldn’t get a shot of the whole square. Here are some samples.Base Nelson's Column


Nelson's Column copy

Nelson’s column is 170 ft tall. In it’s time that was impressive.

As for what follows, sometimes it’s best not to ask.
Fingers at Trafalgar Square