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The Painted Hall at the Naval College, Greenwich

The Painted Hall

9 Pics – Entrance is free and non-commercial photography is allowed without licence.  The Chapel PicturesVisiting Wonderful Greenwich and it’s History  and  Travel to Greenwich and Visitors Map 

From May 2017 to early Sept 2017 there is an opportunity to climb trestles for a closer look.  There is a charge during this time so please see the website ⇒.

Dome - Painted Hall - Naval College - Greenwich


Ceiling - Painted Hall - Naval Colege - Greenwich

Candle Statue - Painted Hall - Naval College - Greenwich



A closer look reveals that shadows are painted on, to give a 3D effect.













Painting - Painted Hall - Naval College - Greenwich


Here again is a 3D effect.

3D Painting - Painted Hall - Naval College - Greenwich


At the Greenwich Visitors Centre

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DSC_1413 He’s stone deaf you know.

Stone Bust - Visitors Centre - GreenwichIt’s very peaceful here.



Hampton Court Palace

14 pics Travel to Hampton Court by Train or River. Admission/Information/Events.  Admission can include Hampton Court Palace or just the gardens. The gardens usually close at 5 pm and the Palace at 6 pm.  Pictures of Hampton Court Gardens.  The Royal Chapel is the best feature and, although photography is not allowed, you can view here.

Gates - Hampton Court

Statues - Hampton Court


Somebody got caught in his pyjamas.

Ornate Ceiling - Hampton Court

Many of the tapestries are very old and faded. The frescos likewise. I picked the best I could find.

Tapestry - Hampton Court

Painted Ceiling - Hampton Court

Fresco - Hampton Court

Bedroom - Hampton CourtDSC_1361

Entrance - Hampton Court