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Bow Bells, Cockneys, Dick Whitington and Captain John Smith

The Church of St Mary Le Bow

The Church of St Mary Le Bow is in Cheapside and but 3 minutes walk from St Paul’s Cathedral.  To be a true Cockney, which is not quite what people think, one must be born within the sound of St Mary Le Bow bells.  Their website can be found here and this is not the same place as St Mary’s in the district of Bow.

According to folklore Dick Whittington changed his mind about leaving London when he heard the peal of Bow bells, and so changed his fortunes and became Lord Mayor of London.   There was in fact a Richard Whittington who was Lord Mayor of London several times during the 14th century.

St mary Le Bow Stained Glass 1




St mary Le Bow Crypt

There is also a cosy little crypt converted into a pleasant café.

St mary Le Bow Church.

St mary Le Bow Dragon Wind Vane.

Captain John Smith Statue

In the square, just outside the church, is a statue of Captain John Smith.  The captain was a mercenary, pirate, explorer and at one time leader of Jamestown the first permanent English colony in America.  It is said (mostly by himself) that his life was once saved by Pocohantas.  He was probably what we would call now, a real swashbuckler. Anybody who wore rain-catcher boots like that had to be hardy.  🙂

Linc Fete 2015 Photos and Video

Linc fete 2015

Well it looks safe enough. A few youngsters having a quiet dance.

Also available at UK Online in Poplar.  To download pics: Left click on the image to expand then right click and choose “Save Image As” .

Linc Fete 2015 Dance

And, some local performers.
Linc Fete 2015 - Performer 2

Linc Fete 2015 Performer 1c

And, a great smile on great wheels
Linc Fete 2015 - Smile on Wheels

But, then there are these rascals.
Linc Fete 2015 - Rascals

And, this rascal. The youngsters were having a great time pointing and screaming. I think the screaming part was the most fun.
Linc fete 2015- Performer on Stilts

Linc Fete 2015 - Whasat

And, Whasat.
Linc Fete 2015 - Whasat 2

Dance was by Embrace Dance, and they did
Linc Fete 2015 - Embrace Dance 1

And, even teach had a go.
Linc Fete 2015 - Embrace Dance 2

Linc Fete 2015 - Embrace Dance 3

He did come down eventually.
Linc Fete 2015 - Embrace Dance 4

These two were part of the The Invincibles.
Linc Fete 2015 - Half Invincibles

These are all the Invincibles and they were.
Linc Fete 2015 - The Invincibles 1

Linc Fete 2015 - The Invincibles 2

Linc Fete 2015 - The Invincibles 3

Linc Fete 2015 - The Invincibles Dance 2.

And, a good time was had by all, but I didn’t predict a riot.


Art in Victoria Park

Victoria Park, Bow, London, UK.                          –  Click on an image to enlarge.

Victoria Park Lake

The progress of cheerful duck will always overide serious reflections.

Victoria Park Statue

I can do this all day.

Victoria Park Victoria Park Flower Victoria Park Monument

Standing Guard                                                                                        on the Triffids (not in the same place)

At the Royal Inn on the Park                                                                That’s what I call a makeover