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St James’s Park

The Eastern End of St James’s Park
St James Park - East End Fountain 1

Hiya, welcome to St James’s Park.   At this end of the long lake can be found  a cafe, parkland, benches, deck chairs, flower beds, geese, ducks, coots and moorhens here.  There are also some very friendly squirrels here and pelicans further down this page (feeding time at the cottage is 2:30 pm).

At the western end can be found Buckingham Place, the changing of the guard pageant, more waterfowl including swans and nearby Green Park with the Canada Memorial.

The nearest underground station is St James (although Westminster is almost as close to the eastern end of the park) and it is a pleasant walk beside the lake from end to end.

St James Park - East End Fountain 2


St James Park - East End View


St St James Park - Cottage

The pelicans gather beside this cottage just before 2:30 pm for feeding.

St James Park - Pelicans“Perhaps a little pigeon al fresco whilst I am waiting”.  –   “Oy who nicked my piano ?”

St James Park - London Eye

The London Eye.

Buckingham Palace from the Central Bridge

Looking to the west.

St James park - Buckingham Palace 1


St James park - Buckingham Palace 2

If you look carefully, you can see the Old Man of the Willow,  sitting down with his hands on his knees.

Horse Guards from the Central Bridge

Looking to the east.

You cannot view the interiors but there is a small museum and one of these.

St James Palace - Dragon Cannon


St James Palace - Guard

..  and as always, one of these.  Doesn’t it make you want to say “you poor ~ “.

St James Park Fountain at Night

At dusk  the fountains light up and from the sound of all the honks and quacks there all having a party 😀 .

Holland Park and Kyoto Gardens

23 Pics – Holland park is considered one of the most interesting parks and places to photograph in London with many features and a range of flora and fauna. The north of the park is mostly woodland whilst the south has more formal gardens, an ecology centre, large play area and cafe. There are lawn areas throughout the park to relax on.

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Holland Park

Peacocks can just about fly but usually have their wings clipped.  There is another one later

Some of the flora near the southern end,


This is just south of the Belvedere restaurant, which can be seen in the background.

Just north of the Belvedere is this water feature within a courtyard.


.. and in the same courtyard.

Continuing along the path.


Whereas, taking the first right after the building there is an arts and craft shop and a little further on the Holland Park Cafe with both indoor and outdoor seating.

A few steps further north are the formal gardens, featuring the Dutch Garden.

The Dutch Gardens

These fellows look like hungry chicks.

Here’s the rest of the family.


A few steps further north, on the east to west path.

There is some controversy as to why peacocks have such extravagant plumage.  I discovered what must be the real reason by accident.   Some years ago a few friends and I where enjoying a picnic in one of the royal parks.   Opposite under a tree was a mature peacock quietly enjoying a peaceful afternoon in the shade.   Between us a group ducks and geese began to gather. About thirty of them.

The peacock was not perturbed until the group of wildfowl grew closer to his quiet domain and began to squabble.  Up came the peacock’s plume and he began to shake the quills creating a deafening racket.  With the spread of eyes and a sound like many snakes rattling and hissing it was a stunning apparition.   The ducks and geese thought so too.   They all began running towards us trying to get aloft.  We had to duck down (no pun intended) to avoid getting struck.  It seems they were so scared of the apparition that they were quite oblivious to our presence.

I’m sure that the plumage does have  a mating advantage.  Not because it’s pretty but because scares off predators.

A little further on ..

A little further still.

Kyoto Gardens



“Upon reflection, I’m twice the bird I used to be”.

Kyoto gardens is not quite as big as it may appear but is nevertheless a very pleasant garden of contemplation with some seating at the edges.

A couple more flowers to end.

 .. and Thank You for visiting Freed from Time.

Art in Victoria Park

Victoria Park, Bow, London, UK.                          –  Click on an image to enlarge.

Victoria Park Lake

The progress of cheerful duck will always overide serious reflections.

Victoria Park Statue

I can do this all day.

Victoria Park Victoria Park Flower Victoria Park Monument

Standing Guard                                                                                        on the Triffids (not in the same place)

At the Royal Inn on the Park                                                                That’s what I call a makeover