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Canada Memorial

The Canada Memorial (London) was opened in 1994 and is dedicated to the Canadians who served in the two world wars.   It can found at the bottom of Green Park very near to Buckingham Palace.

When I visited it was a very hot day in July and children were very happily using it as a water slide.  Despite the “keep off” sign, nobody wanted to stop them and everybody was having a great day in the sunshine.

This little pigeon decided to join in and enjoy cool feet.  A lot of wild life around London seem to have become so accustomed to a human presence that they can allow themselves to indulge in curiosity and even participation.  The squirrels of St James Park being a great example.  Here is one cool pigeon.

Canada Monument and Pigeon

Canada Monument 1

Canada Monument - Closeup

The colours of the opening picture are so intriguing that I couldn’t help tweaking it a bit.

Canada Monument and Pigeon - Enhanced