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London Water and Steam Museum, Express Tavern and Kew

London Water and Steam Museum Garden DSC_6343

London Water and Steam Museum Garden

14 pics. Cities could not grow beyond a few tens of thousands and civilisation could not flourish without a plentiful supply of  clean water. Otherwise epidemics of water-borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid would devastate the population.  The development of filtration and pumping by steam engine was vital to progress.

The London Water and Steam Museum ⇒ (there is an entrance fee) explains the advances in water cleanliness and houses a number of steam-driven pumps, including some truly massive devices.  On designated days some of the engines can be seen working. 

The other essential was the disposal of waste and an ornate example of this can be found in east London at the renovated Crossness Pumping Station ⇐

To get to the Water and Steam Museum: On Leaving Kew Bridge station, turn right, pass the very pleasant Express Tavern ⇒, and turn into Green Dragon Lane.  The tall chimney is an easy landmark.

Alternatively Kew Gardens ⇐ which includes Kew Palace is just over the nearby bridge..

There is more about our use of steam and the role of fossil fuels at the Science Museum ⇐.


London Water and Steam Museum DSC_6296


London Water and Steam Museum 90 inch Steam Engine DSC_6319

The above Boulton and Watt 64 inch (piston/cylinder diameter of 64 inches) has a beam weighing 15 tons and delivered 2.5 million gallons of water per day and was last used in 1944.

London Water and Steam Museum 90 inch Steam EngineDSC_6331

This is the 90 inch Cornish engine with a beam weighing 32 tons and delivered 6.4 million gallons of water per day.  It was last used in 1943.  The steam cylinder is the massive dark object at the far end.  The nearer cylinder is the water pump.

London Water and Steam Museum 100 inch Steam Engine

This monster is the 100 inch Cornish engine. The 100 inch (8 foot and 4 inches wide) steam cylinder is the dark object the distance.  The beam weighs a staggering 54 tons and it once delivered 7.5 million gallons of water per day.  Built in 1869 it remained in service until 1958.

London Water and Steam Museum 100 inch Steam Engine DSC_6305

More :-

London Water and Steam Museum DSC_6272


London Water and Steam Museum DSC_6279


London Water and Steam Museum Waddon Steam Engine DSC_6288

The above is the Waddon steam pumping engine.  It was the last steam driven water pump used in the UK and remained in service until 1983.

London Water and Steam Museum DSC_6282


London Water and Steam Museum Triple expansion Engine

Above is a triple expansion engine.  Designed to be more efficient as most of the steam pressure is used by passing the output of one cylinder to the next.

London Water and Steam Museum DSC_6338


London Water and Steam Museum DSC_6340

On designated days (website ⇒) a small steam locomotive provides rides, although the track is very short.

Express Tavern at Kew

On the way back is the Express Tavern ⇒ which has a very pleasant menu and a broad range of beers.  Across the nearby bridge is Kew Gardens ⇐.

Kew Gardens Views

The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew are extensive  enough to spend an entire day there.  Admission to Kew Gardens includes the TemperatHouses,e Houses, Hot  Treetop Walkway and Kew Palace.   And here there are Flowers at Kew and Orchids at Kew

The Pagoda requires a further charge, paid at the main gate.  When I was there it was £4.  I told them that £4 was not enough they’d have to pay me at least 50 quid to go up that.

The  nearest rail station, to the main gates,  is Kew Bridge (South West Trains).  Then turn right out of the station then left over the bridge and first right to the main gates.

Kew Gardens Cottage

Kew Gardens Tree Kew Gardens Monkey Puzzle Tree Kew Gardens Bridge

Kew Gardens Pagoda

Kew Gardens Rockery

Kew Gardens Japanese Gardens Waterfall

Kew Gardens Statue of Gardener

Orchids at Kew Gardens

Orchids in the Hot House at Kew Gardens

7 pics.  Hot house is not an overstatement and is also very humid so be prepared to carry clothing.  These are just a sample, there are also many other exotics and cacti.  Also at Kew; Kew Gardens and Kew Palace.

Hey, hey we’re the Monkeys.   It’s worth a click-on for full screen and another click to magnify.  🙂

Kew Gardens Orchids

Kew Gardens Orchid 3
Kew Gardens Orchid 2
Kew Gardens Orchid 1

There are more orchids here

Kew Palace

14 pics.   Kew Palace is within the grounds of Kew Gardens and entrance is included in the price of admission to the gardens.  Non-commercial photography is permitted inside the palace but without the use of flash.

The gardens and its many attractions were created by Lady Augusta following the death of her husband Prince Frederick.  She was much influenced in this endeavor by Lord Bute.  A portrait of the lady can be found further down.










Flowers at Kew Gardens

From around the grounds.
Kew Gardens Rose
Kew Gardens Flower
Kew Gardens Flower 2

From the Japanese ornamental gardens.
Kew Gardesn Flowers
Kew Gardens Blue Flower

… and just outside on a nearby cottage.
Kew Gardens Flower DSC_2024

The gardens ⇒