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Leighton House

Photograph provided by kind permission of Leighton House – Courtesy of Will Pryce

Leighton House is one of the very few venues featured on this blog where photography is not allowed. But is surely worth a visit.  There is much more to see at Leighton House, and the Leighton House website is here ⇒.  Viewers may also be interested in nearby Holland Park (inc Kyoto Gardens) and the extraordinary victoriana at 18 Stafford Terrace.

Photograph provided by kind permission of Leighton House – Courtesy of Kevin Moran

Photograph provided by kind permission of Leighton House – Courtesy of Keven Moran

Photograph provided by kind permission of Leighton House – Courtesy of Will Pryce

Sutton House

Lenenfold Parlour

Sutton House Linenfold Parlour

So called because of its rare linenfold design wood paneling.

19 pics. Sutton House is not very big but it is a real gem and is well worth a visit.  It was built-in 1535 by Sir Ralph Sadleir (Principal Secretary of State to Henry VIII) and has a long history of occupation including merchants, sea captains, Huguenot silk-weavers, Victorian schoolmistresses and Edwardian clergy.  In later years it was used by WWII Fire Wardens, the ASTMS Union and then a squat/music venue/community center known as the Blue Room.   The staff are friendly and helpful and it is well managed which results in a sense of preserved rather than restored.

More history here, website (opening times/small entry fee) here ⇒ and essential travel guide here ⇐.   Note: sometimes the website (2019) is misleading about opening times and how to book a visit, you can contact here ».

There is also a Georgian Parlour, tea room, small cafe. outdoor seating areas, used book shop, cellar and chapel (little bare though), small garden/play area and community room.  The site hosts a number of events and family themed days (check the website above).

Do use the paper guide provided on entry, otherwise it is very easy to miss a room or one of the treasure chests.

Art Gallery

Sutton House Art Gallery

If you click on twice to expand, then you will see the names of the young artists.  The room also has an audio-visual guide.

Little Chamber

Sutton House Little Chamber


Sutton House Cradle


Sutton House Chest


Great Chamber

Sir Ralph Sadleir MP

Sir Ralph Sadleir MP


Lady Sadleir and Sir Edwin Sadleir both by Mary Beale

Lady Sadleir and Sir Edwin Sadleir both by Mary Beale


Victorian Room

Sutton House Victorian Room


Sutton House Victorian Clock


Sutton House Victorian Porcelain


Sutton House Chair


Tudor Kitchen

Sutton House Tudor Kitchen

That’s my selfie.

Top Floor

Sutton House Top Floor Eye

This is what remains of the the Blue Room squat, which has it’s own history.

Courtyard Seating

Sutton House Courtyard Seating


Sutton House Photo Mask


Breakers Yard Garden and Sand Pit

Sutton House Breakers Yard



Sutton House Shop

I do love a duck.

Kensington Palace

17 pics.  From Queensway Underground station, across the main road, through the main gates and along the broad avenue facing south through Kensington Gardens.  After a short walk, a small clock tower and the Elfin Oak ⇐ can be seen on the right.  A little further on, also on the right, is Kensington Palace.  The palace was built in 1605.  More of its history, from Wiki, can be found here ⇐.  The official website, with admission prices etc, can be found here ⇐.

Non-commercial photography is permitted but the lighting is dim and there is a certain amount of glare. As a result it was necessary to use a higher ISO setting than I would normally wish and gives a brighter impression than is really the case.  Nevertheless, if you like old houses, it is the most atmospheric that I have come across so far.

It is well worth using the map, provided with your ticket, and finding the Queen’s rooms. They are located behind a large wooden door and you may have to ask an attendant for access.  However, the staff are very friendly, informative and helpful.

Kensington Palace


Kensington Palace Ceiling




Kensington Palace Room


Kensington Palace Shadow Dancers

If you wait a little while, the shadow will dance accompanied by the sound of shoes upon the hard wood floor and occasionally a little music.




Above is Princess Amelia, a favourite daughter of George III.   The shadow dancers will occasionally move into each others space and dance together.


One can only wonder at how many, during the long past, have gazed at this view from the window and of their thoughts and dreams.  You might spare a moment to join them.










And, hats off to the artisans who built this for their skill and diligence.

You might also like to see some of Kensington Gardens Flowers ⇐ or perhaps what the local Water Fowl ⇐ do for fun.

The Albert Memorial and The Royal Albert Hall

Click on Copyright⇐ or at at top right of page. 14 pics.  Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, was much missed by the queen when he died.  Victoria was taken by long years of mourning and fell into a long period of personal decline.  Part of the queen’s tribute to the prince are the Albert Memorial and Royal Albert Hall.  The memorial  can be found on Google maps at the southern end of Kensington Gardens.  The Royal Albert Hall is just across the road.

The Albert Memorial

The Albert Memorial

Albert Memorial 2 Albert Memorial Cross DSC_4613 Albert Memorial Statues DSC_4615 Prince Albert DSC_4612 Albert Memorial Statues DSC_4616 DSC_4619 DSC_4621

The Royal Albert HallRoyal Albert Hall

The Tall Ships at Greenwich

The Greenwich Tall Ships Festival

14 pics. The Festival brought a group of tall ships up the Thames for the first time in 25 years.  They met from all over the world at Falmouth and raced to Greenwich.  During the last day parade the wind was not favourable to sail.  Hats off to the skippers for making sail for the spectators, even though it meant expending extra fuel to make progress.  There were 50+ taking part.  Here are a few.

Dar Mlodziezy

Dar Mlodziezy

Dar Mlodziezy, which dwarfed all the other vessels, won the first in it’s class (A).



Duet won first in it’s class (B) and first overall.  It is a yawl.  That is, it has an additional mast/sail aft of  it’s rudder.  The design was originally created to add extra sail without breaking the design rules for it’s racing class.  That, together with a big mainsail and two additional foresail(s) on it’s bowsprit, makes a very powerful rig that takes skill to handle well.  The Cirdan Trust ⇒.   Pictures under sail (updated) ⇒.

Stavros S Niarchos

Stavros S Niarchos

The Stavros S Niarchos won the communications prize for doing the most to aid the race schedule communications.



Tenacious was a mix of able bodied and less able  bodied crew.  They did well to gain third in their class (A)

Gulden Leeuw

Gulden Leeuw

The Golden Leeuw  won the the Friendship Trophy for having contributed the most towards international friendship and understanding.  They were also the most international crew and won the Young Trainee Award.

Pelican of London

Pelican of London

The youngest Captain (Tom Whiteford)

J.R. Tolkien

J.R. Tolkien

Loth Lorien

Loth Lorien











I couldn’t get the name of this one but it certainly caught everybody’s attention.   Most particularly because it had a working cannon which they delighted in using, making everybody jump and producing great clouds of smoke.  They even had the cheek to fire it in the vicinity of Woolwich Arsenal.  In past days they would have been blown to bits.

Royal Barge

Royal Barge

The Royal Barge appeared two days earlier and is the one used for the Queens Jubilee.   Sixty years in the same job and they didn’t even give her one with an engine.  A close look at the those on the oars would indicate that they have probably been quaffing something.

Next, click on – The Festival and it’s characters.

And, thank you for visiting.

The Painted Hall at the Naval College, Greenwich

The Painted Hall

9 Pics – Entrance is free and non-commercial photography is allowed without licence.  The Chapel PicturesVisiting Wonderful Greenwich and it’s History  and  Travel to Greenwich and Visitors Map 

From May 2017 to early Sept 2017 there is an opportunity to climb trestles for a closer look.  There is a charge during this time so please see the website ⇒.

Dome - Painted Hall - Naval College - Greenwich


Ceiling - Painted Hall - Naval Colege - Greenwich

Candle Statue - Painted Hall - Naval College - Greenwich



A closer look reveals that shadows are painted on, to give a 3D effect.













Painting - Painted Hall - Naval College - Greenwich


Here again is a 3D effect.

3D Painting - Painted Hall - Naval College - Greenwich


At the Greenwich Visitors Centre

A word from our sponsors.

DSC_1413 He’s stone deaf you know.

Stone Bust - Visitors Centre - GreenwichIt’s very peaceful here.