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No Freedom Of Panorama

The issue is now resolved.  The petition was successful and Freedom of Panorama was saved. With thanks to all who participated.

A very important issue with a link to a vital petition, for residents and visitors who wish to photograph in Europe. It is not well known that the right to photograph in Europe could soon be severely restricted.  The petition already has more than 150,000 supporters (on 1 July 2015) but needs more.  Your help will make a difference.  A link to the petition is below.


No Freedom Of Panorama

The European Parliament might destroy photography as we know it by taking away the Freedom of Panorama. That means public buildings and other works of art in public spaces will have a copyright and you need to ask permission to publish photos taken in European cities.

To demonstrate what it might look like, I prepared a photo of Berlin, where I removed the Reichstagsgebäude.

Here is a link to a petition where you will also find more information.

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