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Flowers at Wisley Gardens

Flowers at Wisley 1

Wisely Gardens is run by the Royal Horticultural Society and I think the best I have seen.  Please click here for the Gardens/Glasshouse/Orchids/Bonsai Trees/Statues.

Flowers at Wisley 2


Flowers at Wisley 3


Flowers at Wisley 4


Flowers at Wisley 5


Flowers at Wisley 6


Flowers at Wisley 7


Flowers at Wisley 8


Flowers at Wisley 9


Flowers at Wisley 10


Flowers at Wisley 11


Flowers at Wisley 12


Flowers at Wisley 13


Flowers at Wisley 14


Flowers at Wisley 15


Flowers at Wisley 16

The Secret of Vauxhall Park

Vauxhall Park, in SW London, is a small but pleasant area with a very nice little café and a secret.

On the way, there is a very aromatic field of lavender that hosts a number of visitors (please click here if you can spare a moment to help save the UK bees from insecticides) .    The lavender was harvested in the past, distilled into oil and made available for purchase -see the Friends of Vauxhall Park.

And, at the eastern end, adjacent to the children’s play area, the only model village in London.  Albeit small, it is quite charming.
Model Village - Vauxhall Park
Created by Edgar Wilson in 1949, the only other surviving by the same person being in Melbourne Australia.  This one was restored in 2001 by local resident Mr Nobby Clerk. 

Such places do give rise to imagination (my excuse for what follows).
Vauxhall Park Model Cottage
They’re both called Mini.  Would you Adam and Eve it.
Model Cottage Vauxhall Park

Professor Pelican teaches his Ducks to Cluck class, attended by Vera, Chuck and Dave (who knows where they were first mentioned ?).

And, there is also:-

The Elfin OakBekonscot Model Village and Railway (near London),  Babbacombe Model Village (Devon) and nearby Kents CavernsCorfe Castle and more Model Villages.  Enjoy and thanks for the visit.

Stop the Bee Killing

UK GOVERNMENT IS PERMITTING THE THE USE OF  NEONICOTINOIDS,  despite them being banned in Europe.   These chemicals kill bees and other pollinators.  A link to the PETITION/info is below.  Please pass it on.  Avaaz successfully stopped there use in Europe.  Please help them stop there use in the UK.


Bushy Park Sky