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Wisley Gardens

Wisley Gardens is run by the Royal Horticultural Society and is certainly amongst their best and quite spectacular.

There is a Flower Show from 8th to 13th September 2015 – Website hereTravel hereFlowers here.  Wisley Wonderland here, Glass House/Orchids/Pitchers here, Statues here and Fuchsias will be added.  Enjoy :-







Flowers at Wisley Gardens

Flowers at Wisley 1

Wisely Gardens is run by the Royal Horticultural Society and I think the best I have seen.  Please click here for the Gardens/Glasshouse/Orchids/Bonsai Trees/Statues.

Flowers at Wisley 2


Flowers at Wisley 3


Flowers at Wisley 4


Flowers at Wisley 5


Flowers at Wisley 6


Flowers at Wisley 7


Flowers at Wisley 8


Flowers at Wisley 9


Flowers at Wisley 10


Flowers at Wisley 11


Flowers at Wisley 12


Flowers at Wisley 13


Flowers at Wisley 14


Flowers at Wisley 15


Flowers at Wisley 16

Flowers at Westminster

Photography is not allowed inside Westminster Abbey (although some have sneaked out here), so I pinched a few flower images from outside.  The camera sees a lot more than the eye and it is always a surprising delight. 🙂

Outside Westminster Abbey - Flower 1 Zoom


Outside Westminster Abbey - Flower 1


Outside Westminster Abbey - Flower 2



Osterley Park Gardens

Ossterley Park Gardens are to the rear of the house and adjacent to two pleasant lakes with some wildfowl. Entry to the gardens is by ticket only. A post of the flora is here and the the sumptuous house interiors/sdmission/onfo here : -)

Osterley Park Gardens - 5


Osterley Park - Gardens 1


Osterley Park Gardens - 2


Osterley Park Gardens - 4


Osterley Park Gardens - 3


Osterley Park - Eagles


Osterley Park - House

Osterley Park Flora

The gardens at Osterley Park House have a rich variety of blooms and the admission/info/house and gardens are available to view and photograph.    The house can be found on Google and the nearest underground rail station is Osterley  on the Piccadilly line.   Enjoy ~

Osterley Park - Flowers 7


Osterley Park - Flowers 5


Osterley Park - Flowers 6


Osterley Park - Flowers 1


Osterley Park - Flowers 2


Osterley Park - Flowers 3


Osterley Park - Flowers 4


Osterley Park - Flowers 11


Osterley Park - Flowers 8


Osterley Park - Flowers 9


Osterley Park - Flowers 10

Geffrye Museum Gardens and Flowers

The Geffrye Museum Font Garden

15 pics. One can have a pleasant picnic in the front garden, stroll through the rose and herb garden to the rear and then return to the front and enter the museum free.   The museum interiors are series of rooms depicting the changes of decor and furnishing over time .

Geffrye Museum - Front Garden



The Rear Herb and Rose Gardens

Together with many other colourful blooms.
Geffrye Museum - Rose and Herb Garden


Geffrye Museum - Rose 6


Geffrye Museum - Rhodendron


Geffrye Museum - DSC_8204


Geffrye Museum - Flower


Geffrye Museum - DSC_8201



Geffrye Museum - DSC_8171


Geffrye Museum - DSC_8194

Flowers at Kenwood Park

10 pics. Kenwood Gardens can be found here and Kenwood House interiors (with information and travel) here.  

Flowers at Kenwood Gardens

Mostly Rhododendron in a great variety of colours and roses near the cafe

Rhodenron 3 Kenwood


Rhodenron 2 Kenwood


Rhodenron 1 Kenwood


Kenwood Gardens

Kenwood is a very welcoming place and this flower even has dance steps for the bees  :-).

Flowers at the Cafe Seating Area and Shop Wall

Flowers at Kenwood 1


Flowers at Kenwood 2


Flowers at Kenwood 3


Flowers at Kenwood 4


Flowers at Kenwood 6


Flowers at Kenwood 6

Kenwood House Gardens

Kenwood House

This is the front of Kenwood House with entrance to the rear, gardens to the left and cafe/shop to the right.  The interiors are here and flowers are here.  Entrance is free to both house and gardens and non-commercial photographers are welcome inside.

The nearest underground rail station is Archway and the 210 bus can be taken from stand E  to the next stop E (near Compton Ave) and then a short walk to Kenwood House.

This is one of the most pleasant and peaceful gardens and park-lands that I have visited. Most of the flowers are Rhododendron in a great variety of colours.  There will be close ups in the next post.

Kenwood House Gardens
Kenwood House Gardens 1


Just to the left of the Dairy (small white building) in the distance just beyond the gardens, is a statue by Henry Moore.

Henry Moore - Two Piece Reclining Figure No 5 - Kenwood House

Henry Moore – Two Piece Reclining Figure No 5 .   Myself, I might have called it “Dreams of a Jive Bunny”.  🙂

Back to the gardens.

Kenwood House Gardens 3


Kenwood House Gardens 2


Kenwood House Gardens 4


Spot the Gorilla

Kenwood Park Lake

This is a view to the south of Kenwood Park and beyond is Hampstead Heath.  If you look closely, just to the right of center, one might see a huge green shaggy gorilla with three fingers in the water.  🙂  And, who’s he talking to ?  🙂

Kenwood House Cafe

The cafe has a very pleasant seating area amongst an array of flowers, with more seating from where this photograph is taken, and a shop to the right.  The staff are friendly and, although quite busy, a very calm and enjoyable atmosphere.

Here is the boss (of all he surveys). 🙂

Kenwood House Rook

Floral Fusion 2

3 pics.

← Previous Flora Fusion 1.

A little something to brighten the day (click on a picture for full screen and again to magnify).

fusion 2d

A little more colour ↓.

Floral fusion 2e

A little less flowers ↓.

fusion E2c2


No flowers were harmed whilst making this display but several brain cells went walkabouts. 😀

Flora Fusion 1

4 pics.

Floral Fusion 2 →.
Fusion 1


Flora Fusion 3


Flora Fusion 2


Fusion 4

St James Park – Wildlife Band

At the East End of St James Park, London

So let me introduce to you, The one and only Billy Shears, And Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Ruddy Duck

Ruddy Duck (really)

It was twenty years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play, They’ve been going in and out of style, But they’re guaranteed to raise a smile, So may I introduce to you, The act you’ve known for all these years, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Ruddt Duck 2

We’re Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, We hope you will enjoy the show

Teal Duck

We’re Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Sit back and let the evening go

Goose - St James Park

It’s wonderful to be here

Tufted Duck
It’s certainly a thrill
Duck St James Park 2
You’re such a lovely audience

We’d like to take you home with us

Duck - St James Park 1
We’d love to take you home


Oh we would, we would.    –  Why are you doing that with your leg ?  I don’t know, he started it.

Black Swan

More feathers than sense that lot.


Find the Squirrel (its in the middle).


Here’s one.  Here’s some more  (in a new tab).


I am Moorhen than Duck

St James park Flowers

I don’t really want to stop the show, But I thought that you might like to know, That the singer’s going to sing a song, And he wants you all to sing along

St james park Flower

We’re Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
We hope you will enjoy the show
We’re Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Sit back and let the evening go
Sgt. Pepper’s lonely, Sgt. Pepper’s lonely
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band ~

We hope you enjoyed the show and thank you for visiting.


Beep, Mole Periscope or Dumb Insolence with Megaphone and two more pics.

Beep – Feed Me                                                                                         Boop – Fir Tree with blossom ?

Happy Spring Time to all.

Horniman Museum Gardens

Horniman Gardens 26

12 pics –  A view from the upper gardens of the Horniman Museum across London’s Canary Wharf and the Shard of Glass (the tall pointy thing).    For a range of quite extraordinary flowers from the upper gardens please click here, for the museum interiors and artifacts please click here.

Horniman Gardens 19


Horniman Gardens 25


Horniman Gardens 20

The dye garden.

Horniman Gardens 24


Horniman Gardens 21

I didn’t post process these.  They really are this bright.

Horniman Gardens 22


Horniman Gardens 23


Horniman Gardens 18


Horniman Gardens 17


Horniman Museum Gardens 16


Horniman Gardens 27

Alright now I’ve got a pearl of wisdom, what do I do with it ?

I you think I’m strange, wait  until you see what’s inside the museumI was thrown out for being too normal  :-D.

The Temple Court

Temple Court 19 pics – The Temple Court was established in the twelfth century by the famous Nights Templar.  Later given to the  Nights Hospitaller, it has changed hands frequently but mostly provided chambers for barristers throughout the centuries. It is still one of the centers of English law.

Many of buildings were damaged during WWII and rebuilt.  More of its history here⇒.

The Temple Court is haven of peace hidden away amongst the bustle of London.  The nearest underground railway station is the Temple.  On leaving the station turn left and proceed until you see this portico on our left.

Within the court there are many delightful small gardens and the Temple Church.  More flowers here ⇒ and pictures from within the Temple Church here ⇒.

Within the court ⇓.











Temple Court 4


Temple Court 5


Flowers at the Horniman Museum

These pictures were taken at the upper garden area of the Horniman Museum in mid August of 2014.  There will be more about the extraordinary Horniman Museum later.

Hornman Museum Flowers 1


Horniman Flowers 02


Horniman Flowers 03


Horniman Flowers 04


Horniman Flowers 05


Horniman Flowers 06


Horniman Flowers 07


Horniman Flowers 08


Horniman Flowers 09


Horniman Flowers 10


Horniman Flowers 11


Horniman Flowers 12


Horniman Flowers 13


Horniman Flowers 14


Horniman Flowers 15

Flowers at Temple Court

18 pics – To brighten up the winter gloom, a few flowers from the Temple Court gardens, London.

In southern England the kink in the old jet stream has been weaving about all over the place and forecasters have been having a hard time.  The other day, thinking it was going to be wet, I took to wearing Wellington boots.  The locals were so surprised.  It was my own fault, I should have put some cloths on.

The Temple Court Flowers

A big hats off the Temple Court gardeners.   There are many flower beds dotted around the place, a very nice little enclosed garden and a beautiful rose garden.  They are all in pristine condition and somehow a considerable diversity thrives happily alongside one another.

There will be more from the Temple Court later,  in the meantime, here are the flowers photographed in early July of 2014.


Temple Court Flowers 2


Temple Court Flowers 3


Temple Court Flowers 6


Temple Court Flowers 7


Temple Court Flowers 8


Temple Court Flowers 9


Temple Court Flowers 11


Temple Court Flowers 12


The plant (?), in the first picture, ate a corporate banker.  I don’t want to say what the second did to a stockbroker.  🙂

Temple Court Flowers 13


Temple Court Flowers 14


Temple Court Flowers


Flower Outside Temple Court

This last one is from a small garden adjacent to the Temple Court.

I’ve been saving, what I believe to be, the best flowers until mid February and there will be more about the Temple Court and the Tower of London soon.

Queen Mary’s Gardens

14 pics.  Queen Mary’s Gardens was opened in 1932 and named after the wife of George V.  It can be found near the southern end of Regents Park, is shown by Google maps as the “Inner Circle” and the nearest underground station is Baker St.  The gardens are in part a formal setting with up to 12,000 roses and 9,00 begonias.  There is also a landscaped area of tress, bushes and a small wetland.  

Photographs of some of the flowers can be found here and more information here.





Queen Mary's Gardens - Weeping Wilow


Queen Mary's Gardens - Flower Statue


Queen Mary's Gardens - Statue 2


Queen Mary's Gardens - Trees 3


Queen Mary's Gardens - Trees 2


Queen Mary's Gardens - Trees 1


Queen Mary's Gardens - Water and Trees

Flowers at Queen Mary’s Gardens

Queen Mary’s Gardens can be found at the eastern end of Regents Park,  London.  It is a world-famous horticultural site with a great variety of plants including 12,000 roses and 9,000 begonias.   There will be more views later.  In the meantime, a little colour photographed in July, to brighten up the day.

Flowers 1 - Queen Mary's Gardens


Flowers 2 - Queen Mary's Gardens


Flowers 3 - Queen Mary's Gardens


Flowers 4 - Queen Mary's Gardens


Flowers 5 - Queen Mary's Gardens


Flowers 6 - Queen Mary's Gardens


Flowers 7 - Queen Mary's Gardens


Flowers 8 - Queen Mary's Gardens


A Flower to Brighten the Day

I thought I would just quickly publish a little colour for those who may be caught in winters gloom.  This beauty is from a collection taken at the Horniman Museum’s gardens.  There will be more later in the year, or next.

For those of you who were kind enough to enjoy the squirrels climbing up my leg; I went back with food and got mugged by the squirrels.  So there will be more of that later and some Xmas lights.  In the meantime I hope this brightens your day.


Kensington Gardens Flowers

Taken in mid August, a little sunshine for December.

Kensington Garden Flower 2
Kensington Garden Flower 7
Kensington Garden Flower 3
Kensington Garden Flower 5
Kensington Garden Flower 4
Kensington Garden Flower 6
Kensington Garden Flower 1


Kew Gardens Views

The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew are extensive  enough to spend an entire day there.  Admission to Kew Gardens includes the TemperatHouses,e Houses, Hot  Treetop Walkway and Kew Palace.   And here there are Flowers at Kew and Orchids at Kew

The Pagoda requires a further charge, paid at the main gate.  When I was there it was £4.  I told them that £4 was not enough they’d have to pay me at least 50 quid to go up that.

The  nearest rail station, to the main gates,  is Kew Bridge (South West Trains).  Then turn right out of the station then left over the bridge and first right to the main gates.

Kew Gardens Cottage

Kew Gardens Tree Kew Gardens Monkey Puzzle Tree Kew Gardens Bridge

Kew Gardens Pagoda

Kew Gardens Rockery

Kew Gardens Japanese Gardens Waterfall

Kew Gardens Statue of Gardener

Orchids at Kew Gardens

Orchids in the Hot House at Kew Gardens

7 pics.  Hot house is not an overstatement and is also very humid so be prepared to carry clothing.  These are just a sample, there are also many other exotics and cacti.  Also at Kew; Kew Gardens and Kew Palace.

Hey, hey we’re the Monkeys.   It’s worth a click-on for full screen and another click to magnify.  🙂

Kew Gardens Orchids

Kew Gardens Orchid 3
Kew Gardens Orchid 2
Kew Gardens Orchid 1

There are more orchids here

Flowers at Kew Gardens

From around the grounds.
Kew Gardens Rose
Kew Gardens Flower
Kew Gardens Flower 2

From the Japanese ornamental gardens.
Kew Gardesn Flowers
Kew Gardens Blue Flower

… and just outside on a nearby cottage.
Kew Gardens Flower DSC_2024

The gardens ⇒


Flora at Hall Place, Bexley

12 Pics – Hall Place

In the hot house and shop.

Hot House Flowers
Extraordinary Flower

This one comes in peace, offering tokens of jelly beans.

Happy is the tiger with a badger as guardian angel
Heart of Orchid

Snoopy Orchid

Hang on Snoopy, snoopy hang on, de dup de dup, dee do do, de dup .


Whaaaa, surprise.

In the Garden


She’d not pulled a double a double rose, a rose but only two, When up came young Tam Lin says “Lady pull no more.”


Garden Flower

In the House


Hall Place Flowers


Vase of Flowers in the Hall


Thank you for visiting and there will be more about the house and gardens later.