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The Temple Court

Temple Court 19 pics – The Temple Court was established in the twelfth century by the famous Nights Templar.  Later given to the  Nights Hospitaller, it has changed hands frequently but mostly provided chambers for barristers throughout the centuries. It is still one of the centers of English law.

Many of buildings were damaged during WWII and rebuilt.  More of its history here⇒.

The Temple Court is haven of peace hidden away amongst the bustle of London.  The nearest underground railway station is the Temple.  On leaving the station turn left and proceed until you see this portico on our left.

Within the court there are many delightful small gardens and the Temple Church.  More flowers here ⇒ and pictures from within the Temple Church here ⇒.

Within the court ⇓.











Temple Court 4


Temple Court 5


2 responses

  1. It sure looks like a peaceful place to spend an afternoon.
    It’s a good thing I’ve got ample natural beauty to work with here. Our buildings just do not compare to yours. At all.


    March 3, 2015 at 15:56

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