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The Horniman Museum

20 pics – The Horniman Museum and grounds are free to enter and include the lower gardens and wonderful flower beds with more spectacular flowers at the upper gardens⇐. The museum is a mix of natural history, unusual artifacts from around the word and a small but unusual aquarium (there is a charge of £4).

The museum and grounds are located just south of London near Forest Hill rail station and make a good day out at little expense.  Please click on information/events⇒ and/or the getting there map⇒.  The map shows the route from station to museum as quite short.  It is a bit longer than it appears and is better to take one of the buses (listed on the map page) up the steep hill to the museum stop.   The museum stop is just past this clock tower at the prow of the hill.

The Museum
Horniman Museum 16


Horniman Museum 11



Horniman Museum 12


Horniman Museum 13


Horniman Museum 3


Horniman Museum 14


The Aquarium

This chap has all the appearance of gnome doing a high-five.  You can even see a face.

Horniman Aquarium 1


Pretentious, moi ?

Horniman Aquarium 5


Horniman Museum Gardens

Horniman Gardens 26

12 pics –  A view from the upper gardens of the Horniman Museum across London’s Canary Wharf and the Shard of Glass (the tall pointy thing).    For a range of quite extraordinary flowers from the upper gardens please click here, for the museum interiors and artifacts please click here.

Horniman Gardens 19


Horniman Gardens 25


Horniman Gardens 20

The dye garden.

Horniman Gardens 24


Horniman Gardens 21

I didn’t post process these.  They really are this bright.

Horniman Gardens 22


Horniman Gardens 23


Horniman Gardens 18


Horniman Gardens 17


Horniman Museum Gardens 16


Horniman Gardens 27

Alright now I’ve got a pearl of wisdom, what do I do with it ?

I you think I’m strange, wait  until you see what’s inside the museumI was thrown out for being too normal  :-D.