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Squirrels in the Park

Just outside Kensington Palace and a little to the north, there is an intersection in the path where the squirrels like to play.   These cheeky chaps seem particularly interested in people with shopping.  They also like to play hide and seek with photographers. The other games are;  now I’m in focus and now I’m not and I’ll move just at the moment you press the shutter button.  They’re very good at it.   I took about 20 snaps, these are the only 4 worth showing.   Can’t complain though, they were only having fun and very endearing.

Squiirels in Kensington Gardens

“I say, have you got any linguine and do you know the way to San José.”

Just outside Kensington Palace where you can see this house.

House near Kensington Gardens



Now you see me, and now  ~


“Flash ah  ah , the savior of the universe”.


“Alright you got me.  Now about my fee”.

I hope you enjoyed that. They always make me laugh.

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Kensington Palace

17 pics.  From Queensway Underground station, across the main road, through the main gates and along the broad avenue facing south through Kensington Gardens.  After a short walk, a small clock tower and the Elfin Oak ⇐ can be seen on the right.  A little further on, also on the right, is Kensington Palace.  The palace was built in 1605.  More of its history, from Wiki, can be found here ⇐.  The official website, with admission prices etc, can be found here ⇐.

Non-commercial photography is permitted but the lighting is dim and there is a certain amount of glare. As a result it was necessary to use a higher ISO setting than I would normally wish and gives a brighter impression than is really the case.  Nevertheless, if you like old houses, it is the most atmospheric that I have come across so far.

It is well worth using the map, provided with your ticket, and finding the Queen’s rooms. They are located behind a large wooden door and you may have to ask an attendant for access.  However, the staff are very friendly, informative and helpful.

Kensington Palace


Kensington Palace Ceiling




Kensington Palace Room


Kensington Palace Shadow Dancers

If you wait a little while, the shadow will dance accompanied by the sound of shoes upon the hard wood floor and occasionally a little music.




Above is Princess Amelia, a favourite daughter of George III.   The shadow dancers will occasionally move into each others space and dance together.


One can only wonder at how many, during the long past, have gazed at this view from the window and of their thoughts and dreams.  You might spare a moment to join them.










And, hats off to the artisans who built this for their skill and diligence.

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