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The Dog and Swan

Kensington Gardens, Serpentine Lake and Fauna

15 pics.  –  Just behind the Albert Memorial is a very nice outdoor cafe and one of the entrances to Kensington Gardens.  To the left and a little further north there is Kensington Palace and to the right is the Serpentine Lake with Hyde park on the other side.   You might also like Squirrels up my Leg.

At the cafe


“I don’t know what it is, but I shall defend it to my last breath, or teatime.”

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens
At the end of August.

On the Serpentine

First a word from our sponsor.

Graylag Goose

“No brain cells were harmed during the making of the this travesty but we can’t guarantee the same whilst reading it, and have you got any cake. “

Inquistive Goose

“I say, they’ve got tea and buns”

Dog 2“Do I look like I’ve got a bun”


“What do think of my new paint job and have a got any panini.”

Signor briefly broke of the session to give a small dog a thorough hissing and then returned to a perfect composure.  What it must be to live in the moment.

Signora and Cygnet

Swan and Cygnets

“Don’t look Nigel,  Ma’s gone all tipsy again”.  “Oh look a shiny thing”



“That Odette, what a diva. Not like me I’m so demure, and modest with it.”

Greylag Goose on Land

“Me, I’m firm but fair and proof against meteorites.”

Mr Flogget

“Pay attention class while Mr Flogget demonstrates how we do walking”.    “I’ll confiscate that in a minute”

The Flying School


“Ok, now choose a nice soft landing ground, lower landing gear, throttle back and full flaps – tee hee I’m so funny.”


“Alright not bad, now get off that swan.  These kids, honestly what can you do !”


Never had a lesson in my life.  Wheeeeeeee”

The Preening Salon


“Well of course he got his bill stuck in the mud.  I told him, I said if we were meant to do that, we would have been born with propellers. “

The Last Word

Dusky Moorhen

“It’s like living in a madhouse around here.  Why can’t they be more normal like what I am. “