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Upper Greenwich Garden Views

11 pics ~ Upper Greenwich Park is a great place to spend a morning and have a picnic. Then wander on to the observatory and from there down the hill for a range of attractions, mostly free. For more information please click on Visiting Wonderful Greenwich.



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Now you see me, now you don’t.  (a little slideshow)


I’ll jump.                                                                                                                                    Idiot


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There is also a deer enclosure but, on the day, they were hiding.  ❗

Goose Feathers !

Egyptian Goose 1 - Kew Gardens

Egyptian Goose

3 pics.  “Now push and glide, push and glide”.

Egyptian Goose 2 - Kew Gardens

“Alright, who threw the gravy”.

Greylag Geese 1- Regents Park

“Did he say the G word”.     “Yep” .    “Disgraceful, I’ll have his feathers off”.      “Don’t mind him, that’s Arthur, he’s such a wag”.      “Honk”

Not so much wildfowl as slightly miffed.