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Stop the Bee Killing

UK GOVERNMENT IS PERMITTING THE THE USE OF  NEONICOTINOIDS,  despite them being banned in Europe.   These chemicals kill bees and other pollinators.  A link to the PETITION/info is below.  Please pass it on.  Avaaz successfully stopped there use in Europe.  Please help them stop there use in the UK.


Bushy Park Sky

Butterflies at Hall Place, Bexley

The butterfly house at Hall Place is very small and hot but one can re-enter on the same £4 ticket.

This lady is definitely dressed for the summer ball.


Chocks Away.


The Black Night does battle with the invaders.


The next one got away (they really won’t keep still) but the flowers are nice.


Thank you for your visit and I hope you found it enjoyable. There will be more from the magical Hall Place later.