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Bacon Street Art and Charlie Burns and More

Bacon Street DSC_4998

Not far over the foot bridge from Fleet Street Hill/Pedley Street art⇐ there is Bacon Street and a picture of Charlie Burns who led an extraordinary life.  A life which included a private audience with the Pope who gave him a medal for charitable work.  Well known on Bacon Street and the surrounding area, his fascinating story can be found here⇒.

More on Bacon Street

Bacon Street DSC_5001


Bacon Street DSC_5004


Bacon Street DSC_5002

On Sclater Street.

Sclater Street DSC_5007


Sclater Street DSC_5010

On Chance Street

Chance Street DSC_5013


Chance Street DSC_5016


Chance Street DSC_5018


Chance Street DSC_5022


Chance Street DSC_5024


Chance Street DSC_5037

On Redchurh Street

Redchurch Street DSC_5025


Redchurch Street DSC_5030


Redchurch Street DSC_5032

That is the last of street-art for a while. Next, something smaller.

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