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The Blackfriars Pub

Blackfriars Pub Embossed Mural DSC_6156

The Blackfriars Public House is where Queen Victoria Street meets the northern approach to Blackfriars Bridge and is very near to Blackfriars underground rail station in central London. 

The bridge has recently been covered with solar panels. This makes it the largest solar power providing bridge in the world. Across the bridge is the South Bank ⇐ with its many attractions.

The Blackfriars region of London gained its name in 1317 from the black capes (capa) used by the brothers (frere) of the priory.  More ⇒.

The public house was built in 1905 on the site of an old Dominican Friary.  More and menus ⇒.

Blackfriars Pub Embossed Mural DSC_6157


Blackfriars Pub Embossed Mural DSC_6159

Don’t Advertise It. Tell A Gossip.  By Henry Poole


Blackfriars Pub Embossed Mural DSC_6161


Blackfriars Pub Stained Glass


Blackfriars Pub

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  1. Oh it is so wonderful!


    July 19, 2016 at 23:47

  2. Nice place to go in our next visit to London !


    July 21, 2016 at 19:19

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