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Recent Changes to WordPress – Further

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Some Plain facts

Tiger Global are investment speculators. Prior to September 2013 they held a $50 million stake in Automaticc Inc (that’s WP).

Approximately September 2013 they acquired another $60 million of private equity in Automaticc Inc.  The article, which makes interesting reading, is here:-


Tiger Global have increasing investment in mobile, messaging and e-commerce companies, especially in places where landlines are not always available. Here is one of several articles on the subject:-



If there is any connection between these items and recent changes that are intended to be more mobile friendly, then the alleged improvements have been handled so badly as to become a poison chalice.


If this issue makes you annoyed, then the best approach is to ensure the unity of a collective voice in one place. May I suggest that; bloggers create a post upon this subject with a link to the forum thread.


WP closed that thread, it now continues on:-




Alternatively, re-blog the first post which includes the link:-


Further, you might announce your posts on the forum so that others can re-blog them.

… and may I wish a Very Merry Christmas to all bloggers.

more later.

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