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Recent Changes to WordPress – Further

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Some Plain facts

Tiger Global are investment speculators. Prior to September 2013 they held a $50 million stake in Automaticc Inc (that’s WP).

Approximately September 2013 they acquired another $60 million of private equity in Automaticc Inc.  The article, which makes interesting reading, is here:-


Tiger Global have increasing investment in mobile, messaging and e-commerce companies, especially in places where landlines are not always available. Here is one of several articles on the subject:-



If there is any connection between these items and recent changes that are intended to be more mobile friendly, then the alleged improvements have been handled so badly as to become a poison chalice.


If this issue makes you annoyed, then the best approach is to ensure the unity of a collective voice in one place. May I suggest that; bloggers create a post upon this subject with a link to the forum thread.


WP closed that thread, it now continues on:-




Alternatively, re-blog the first post which includes the link:-


Further, you might announce your posts on the forum so that others can re-blog them.

… and may I wish a Very Merry Christmas to all bloggers.

more later.

Recent Changes to WordPress User Interface

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      How to get involved  –  Why I Post on the subject  –

      Why there is a need to be involved   –   What is being said



Recent Changes to the WordPress User Interface

In reference to the hosted service.

There was a WordPress Forum Topic on this subject, which is worth reading, here:-


WP closed that topic, it now continues on




and about the notifications on


All WordPress users have access to the forum and a right to use it.

To add your comments, use the link and go to the bottom of the last page.  Many specific complaints have been given, so you do not need to do more than state whether you do or do not like the changes, unless you wish to comment further.

There is also an option to subscribe to the thread by email notification and be kept up to date with developments.

– – Update: Investment influences, please click here.

Why I am posting this article:

  • On the forum, in response to the question “When will we start seeing information from the survey ?” the response (Dec 11, 2014, 6:14 PM) from staff was:-

“The survey results will probably be reviewed internally and used as one part of the decision-making process there”.

  • The WordPress Daily Post produced an article entitled “Upgraded Stats and Navigation Enhancement”.  Comments became complaints and, when I introduced a link to the forum thread, it was closed for further comments and omitted the comment with a link to the forum.  The article shows how nice the new stats look on a mobile and is here:-


  • WordPress closed a Customer Services topic after only 24 minutes.

  • If views are not made more public, then no one will know the majority opinion.

  • There are more changes to come and there is a distinct danger that new formats will eventually replace the existing ones. It is already being made difficult to navigate to the preferred screen pages.

I am concerned that bloggers will think that using the survey will be enough for their opinion to count.  Considering that, according to WP Staff, the survey results are unlikely to be published, it is unlikely that they will need to pay much attention if it does not suit them.

Therefore it is most important that we make our views more publicly known, whatever they are. Otherwise we could find our needs supplanted by the pursuit of new markets and face increasingly thoughtless nuisance and loss of facilities. It does not have to be an either or situation, both needs can be facilitated.  Although, even for mobile use, it has been badly done.

Bloggers can help to secure the future by leaving even a simple comment on the forum and/or re-blogging this so that others have the opportunity of being in the loop.

A Summary of Complaints

There are many very specific complaints and a lot of annoyance to be found on the forum, but I will try to fairly summarise the main points:-

      • The changes were foisted upon us without warning or the opportunity to comment. After all we do pay for this and do make WordPress a financial success by the effort we put into our blogs.  The last valuation of WordPress was $1.4 billion.

      • The User Interface is being made more Mobile friendly at the expense of Desktop users.

      • Navigation and Sign Out drop down menus are disappearing and it is interrupting work flow.

      • The New Stats page is only one column showing a graph of 10 days instead of the previous 30, it requires more scrolling to view the entire contents and the summary table icon is missing.

      • The new editor is missing “Add Poll”, “Add Contact Form” , the Screen Option of One Column (Full Width View). The editor frame is not adjustable, one cannot get directly from a published post to the old editor and there have been numerous complaints about “beep bop boo etc” from when it first appeared.

      • Many people just don’t like the appearance.

      • There is only one staff member attending who can only report back to the developers. Although very polite and patient it is, as one member commented, “Like trying to knit fog”.

If I have omitted anything or you have a specific concern, please comment on the forum where it will be seen by other WP members and by staff.

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope that you will take few moments to add your voice.