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Classic Editor’s Loss of Justify and Underline – A Fix

If it is of any help:-

The shortcut keys are still available (listed by the ? icon).

Justify = Shift + Alt + j

Underline = Ctrl + u

The somewhat ridiculous explanation for loss of the tools is at:-

I am quite sure they are trying to herd us into the new Editor as part of their move to all Application Programming Interface (API).

A forum topic about the New Editor (do pitch in) is at:-

If they would only replicate the original facilities then there wouldn’t be a problem. They don’t seem capable.

Meanwhile more and more blogs are being abandoned.

Update: Having examined 298 blogs of those following me or being followed by me since May 2014, 36% have ceased to function:-

2 % stopped functioning in 2014.

8 % stopped functioning in 2015.

16 % stopped functioning in 2016 (last post being before November) .

6 % have been deleted by authors or have no server.

2 % have no content.

2 % ceased to exist.

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