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Guildhall Art gallery and Roman Amphitheater in London


The Guildhall Art Gallery ⇒ is free to enter and is right beside Guildhall ⇐ .  Beneath are the remains of a Roman Amphitheater (AD 70) made more atmospheric by illuminated competitors.  The gallery houses a moderate size collection of quite impressive art including some pre-Raphaelite works.


Lord Mayor Sir Francis Wyatt Truscot by Charles Bell Birch



The Wounded Cavalier by William Shakespeare Burton



La Ghirlandata by Dante Gabriel Rossetti



Fair St George by John Gilbert



The Defeat of the Floating Batteries at Gibraltar (painted) by John Singleton Copley

The painting is so large that it occupies two floors. I’m sure that’s Stephen Fry on the horse.




Demolition of London Bridge by J.W.S



Music Lesson by Frederic Leighton



Ninth of November by William Logsdail



The Woodmans Daughter by John Everett Millais

Inspired by a tragic poem with the same title by Coventry Patmore.

The Tate Britain Art Gallery

Lady of Shalott close up

20 pics.  The Tate Britain contains a wide range of artwork ranging from the classical to modern. It includes the Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse, which was inspired by the poem of Alfred Lord Tennyson (here ⇒) and worth reading.  The Tate Britain’s Website ⇒

I’ve introduced a little enhancement to compensate for the loss of colour/detail over time, but not so much as to lose the sense of age.   More advanced digital restoration of these pictures and a few more from other galleries can be found at In All Their Glory .

There are several works by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood ⇒ which I particularly like for there vibrancy and detail which requires a patience born of dedication.

Edward Coley Burne-Jones 1 at the Tate Britain

Edward Coley Burne-Jones


Edward Coley Burne-Jones 2 at the Tate Britain

Edward Coley Burne-Jones


The Wedding of St George and Princess Sabra by Rossetti at the Tate Britain

The Wedding of St George and Princess Sabra by Rossetti

And, more historical works.

Elizabeth I by Steven van Herwijckat the Tate Britain

Elizabeth I by Steven van Herwijck

There are more paintings of Elizabeth I, together with their subtle meanings, at Hatfield House.

The Tate includes an entire wing dedicated to Turner. Here are just a few.

Turner Self Portrait at the Tate Britain

Turner Self Portrait


Palestrina - Composition by Turner at the Tate Britain

Palestrina – Composition by Turner


The Decline of the Carthage by Turner at the Tate Britain

The Decline of the Carthage by Turner

And, a good many items of classical appearance.

Tate Britain Sculpture 2


Tate Britain Sculpture 4


George Bernard Shaw Bust at the Tate Britain

George Bernard Shaw


Tate Britain Modern Art Statue“What do you think of all this modern art then”. “Don’t ask me, I prefer heavy-metal, although I suppose Cranach the Elder wasn’t bad”.

Tate Britain Modern Art Sculpture 1

“Some days one wonders if it’s worth getting out of bed”.

Tate Britain Modern Art Sculpture 2

“Ow, my eye”.

Tate Britain Modern Art Sculpture 3

“Last time I take you down the pub”.

Tate Britain Sculpture 1


Tate Britain Galleries


Tate Britain Staircase

And the dark shape just below is ~.

Tate Britain Sculpture 3

Thank you for coming and a drum roll for our next visit.