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Fenton House, Porcelain, Instruments, Views, Hampstead

20 pics. Fenton House is not spectacular but it is very charming with a large collection of porcelain (including Meissen) together with several musical instruments and paintings.  Its website is here (it isn’t open every day and there is a charge but there are occasional concerts) and some of its history here.

The above view of the gardens is from the third floor balcony and in the distance can be seen The Admirals House (where the origins of Mary Poppins was written) which has its own history here.

One can photograph everywhere except the harpsichord in the dining room (it belongs to the Queen) and the large framed pictures on the third floor.

Unfortunately there is no café but there several places for refreshment near the corner of Mount Square and Heath Street and along New End there is The Duke of Hamilton and The Buttery of Burgh House (they are all on Google Maps).

Not far away, just to the north of Hampstead Heath, is Kenwood House which is free to enter.

Fenton House Meissen PorcelainThe Meissen.

Fenton House Meissen Figures 1.

Fenton House Meissen Figures 2.

View Across London From Fenton HouseAnother view from the third floor balcony showing the Shard of Glass in the distance.

Fenton House Porcelian DSC_3323.

Fenton House Porcelaiin DSC_3321.

Fenton House Glassware.

Fenton House Bedroom.

Lady Binning Photograph at Fenton House.

Fenton House Dragon.

Fenton House Lute.

Fenton House Musical Insrument.

Fenton House Musical Instruments.

Fenton House DSC_3341.

Fenton House Harp.

Fenton House Porcelain Ornaments.

Fenton House Vase DSC_3290.

Fenton House DSC_3338.

Fenton House Painting