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St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral Ceiling Feature 1

For more than 1,400 years, a Cathedral dedicated to St Paul has stood at the highest point in the City of London. The present cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and built during the period 1675 and 1710.   More History ⇒.

Photography is not usually allowed except on a few days each year or with a permit.  The few visitor date/times/charges for photography without a permit during 2017 are here ⇐.  For permits and commercial photography/filming, please see here ⇒ .  General Admission and charges are here ⇒.

I caught the last opportunity for 2015 and so, of course, went overboard. To view the astonishing detail of the decor, please click on the image and then again to expand.

The Nave

St Paul's Cathedral Ceiling 1


Beside the Dome and the Dome

St Paul's Cathedral Ceiling 4


St Paul's Cathedral Inside Dome 1

The gallery at the first level is known as the Whispering Gallery at 30 meters above the cathedral floor.   So called because, when it is quiet, a whisper on one side will travel around the wall and be heard on the other side.

Higher still is the Stone Gallery at 53 meters and the topmost is the Golden Gallery at 85 meters.  If you can climb to the top, they give a you a badge.  😛 .
St Paul's Cathedral Inside Dome 2


The Ceiling above the Quire

St Paul's Cathedral Ceiling 2


St Paul's Cathedral Ceiling 3

St Paul's Cathedral Ceiling 6

St Paul's Cathedral Ceiling 5

St Paul's Cathedral Ceiling Feature 2

St Paul's Cathedral Ceiling Feature 3

St Paul's Cathedral Ceiling Feature 4


The High Alter and the Apse

St Paul's Cathedral High Altar

St Paul's Cathedral Stained Glass

Carolus Jacobus Blomfied

There are many monuments and dedications at the cathedral.  I chose this one because of the workmanship and for being a little known personage.  It is of course Carolus Jacobus Blomfield.

Here is the famous exterior of the Dome.
St Paul's Dome

John Wesley outside St Paul'sThis is John Wesley, Father of Methodism.  Another well made statue.

Horation Nelson at St Paul's CathedralThe Crypt has many tombs, dedications and a cafe.  Perhaps the most famous tomb being that of Viscount Horatio Nelson.  These are some of the dedications.
Wellington at St Paul's Cathedral

Martin Luher King and St Paul's

Lastly, the cathedral does have its contemporary side and has housed an exhibition of work by street artist Inkie.  Below is one item retained and presently on view just inside the cathedral entrance.
Inkie at St Paul's