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Gas Lamps and Penny Farthings

The first gas lighting appeared on Pall Mall in 1807 and began to spread from 1812 when the London and Westminster Gas Light and Coke Company was created.  Early gas was created by heating coal which then released mainly hydrogen.  More about present day London’s Gas Lamps and where to see them.  The best place being the broad avenue of Kensington Palace Gardens.  The gardens do close at dusk but there is information about turnstile exits here.

A more intense light could be created by directing an oxyhydrogen flame upon a cylinder of quicklime (calcium oxide).  The resulting  light was commonly known as limelight and used for stage lighting.   Hence the term “being in the limelight” is used to mean being the center of attention.

These gas lamps are just outside the British Museum with a Penny Farthing bicycle further down the page.

Gas Lamps - British Museume


Museum Tavern - Gas Lamps


Museum Tavern


Gas Lamp


Peny Farthing Bicycle


Peny Farthing Bicycle - B and W


Peny Farthing Bicycle - Aged

British Museum

Sutton Hoo Treasure

Sutton Hoo Helmet
British Museum - Sutton Hoo Helmet 2

The replica helmet and mask are part of the Sutton Hoo Treasure (Wiki) with more at Sutton Hoo Site.  The original find is further down together with more artifacts from antiquity.

British Museum - Sutton Hoo Mask 1


British Museum - Sutton Hoo Original Helmet



British Museum - Inside and Outside

The Museum

The British Museum (for details, admission and location) is probably the largest in the UK and contains artifacts from all over the world, from antiquity to more recent times.  Whilst there is some controversy about ownership of some items (e.g. the Elgin Marbles), the museum has preserved what otherwise might have been lost and is free to all visitors.   There is a an extensive cloakroom and non-commercial photography is allowed.

Of similar interest is the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is dedicated to design from across the world.  More from the British Museum:-

British Museum - Statue 1


British Museum - Heads

Nefer Teapot                                                 Nefer did

British Museum - Lion Fresco


British Museum - Lion Statue


British Museum - Cow

Moo see um

British Museum - Shield


What time do you call this then. ……………………………………………………………….Oh mum, it’s only XXII o’clock

British Museum - Torc


British Museum - Ornament


British Museum - Vases


British Museum - Gpld Lanula


British Museum - Goblet


British Museum - Flask


British Museum - Decorative Shield


British Museum - Body Ornament


British Museum - Wall Ornament