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Brighten the Day 3


Bekonscot Flowers DSC_9835


Hall Place Ducklings DSC_4942

Vera, Chuck and Dave

“And here’s some we made earlier”.

Wisley Flowers DSC_0290


Wisley Flowers DSC_0243


Wisley Flowers DSC_0175


Wisley Flowers DSC_0175b

“Alright blue then”.

Wisley Exotics DSC_0059


Copy - Wisley Exotics DSC_0059

I’m not sure whether that’s a goat or a monkey.  Here are some monkees with a little innocence.

Wisley Statues DSC_0128

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Said Alice, at Wisley

The Alice in Wonderland event ends 31st Aug 2015, but in the meantime click on twice to expand, said Alice ~

If you look where Alice looks, then you’ll see what Alice sees.   Cats with a cheesy grins, found nesting up in trees.

White Rabbit at Wisley Gardens

Said Alice, to a rabbit who was late.

Snail at Wisley Gardens
And here’s a snail that’s made of flowers, and a mushroom for my plate,
Toadstool at Wisley Gardens

A pillar with a hookah.
Hookah at Wisley Gardens


Red Queen 2 at Wisley Gardens

Off with his head

And a Red Queen in a spate,

Red Queen 1 at Wisley Gardens

. . . and his

Then strange tea with the Mad Hatter,

Wouldn’t that be great ?.


Said Alice, who burst into song ~