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New River and Woodberry Wetlands

New River Squirrel

“Well hello, welcome to the New River Walk and the recently opened Woodberry Wetland Nature Reserve”. 

The river was new in 1613 when it was created to provide London with a water supply.  Now it is part of the Capital Ring Walk⇒ and this is just one section.   This Google map⇒ (collapse the left panel) will help and shows probably the best approach being from Manor House underground rail station through or alongside Finsbury Park to the river”.

There isn’t a lot of wildlife but it is a quite a pleasant walk and does have the occasional comedian.

New River Mallards

Mallard Ducks

“Well I’ve got the pipe now what about the slippers”.

New River Wood Pigeon

Wood Pigeon

“I find it best to look the other way”.

Woodberry Wetlands East Reservoir

Eventually the river curves around (see map) to Newnton Close where one can choose to take the south path (on the left) beside the East Reservoir or continue on the north side of the river (on the right) . On the far side is a very pleasant indoor/outdoor café

You are now in the Woodberry Wetlands Nature Reserve⇒.  The reserve was opened by Sir David Attenborough on 30th April 2016.  A the time of writing (early May 2016) I did not see a lot of wildlife but it is early days yet and the habitat looks promising.

If you choose the river walk then, just beside the path at the far right corner, you will find Mr Toad (and Mole).

Toad Sculpture outside Nature View Apartments at Woodberry Wetlands

And, on the reservoir ⇓ a few clients are starting to appear.

Woodberry Wetlands Coot

“A bijou residence with lakeside views !  Those estate agents, really”.

Woodberry Wetlands Canada Goose on Water

Canada Goose

“New York or bust”.

Woodberry Wetlands Canada Goose

“Four score and seven years ago ~ “.

Woodberry Wetlands Heron Sculpture.

At the far end of the East Reservoir there is a quite substantial café beside this carving.  Across the road can be seen the West Reservoir.  At the West Reservoir’s approach there are the Riverside Gardens and the broad steps are a good place for a picnic.

Riverside Gardens Fountain and Sphere

Riverside Gardens


Riverside Gardens Fountain


Riverside Gardens Fountain Orbs


Woodberry Wetlands West Reservoir

Opposite the water feature is the West reservoir and at the far end are the water sports⇒ and indoor climbing⇒ centres.

London's New River 2

Continuing along the river path, one eventually comes onto Green Lanes beside the sports centre.  Turning left, it is only a short walk (see the Google map) to wonderful Clissold Park⇐ with its wildlife, animal enclosures and numerous facilities.

A little afterthought ~
Coloured Riverside Gardens Water Feature Spheres

2 responses

  1. Wonderful shots! I love that first one – what a sweet furry face.


    May 16, 2016 at 20:28

    • Me too. Not many people go that way and I think he/she was genuinely surprised to see such a comparatively large creature. 🙂


      May 17, 2016 at 10:36

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