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The WP New Editor Protest


These posts are from March 2015 bu continues to receive views.  The Poll below is still open and shows a a vast majority of protest.  Some further articles/information on the WP changes are here.

Add Your View and Please Share the Opportunity

This Poll, in response to the New WP Editor, has a gathering momentum (2,500+ votes) , it is independent, the results visible and well worth a moment of your time to add your vote. There is nothing to lose, it may help and it might deter any further nuisance. Please click on:-


With credit and thanks to blogger “imperialtwilight” for the initiative.

It is also worth leaving a comment on the most recently active forum thread.  Please click here:-


The previous forum thread of 32 pges (now closed) is here.


If you would be kind enough to Share, Post with a Link or Reblog, it will help to spread the opportunity to others.  Spreading the word is very important if we are to avoid further problems.

The Poll is spreading well enough that, if WP ignore it, then it will be obvious to all that they have made a wrong turn.  On that basis, maybe they will not ignore it.

Workarounds are here.

Some further articles/information on the WP changes are here.

11 responses

  1. I have no been lucky to have the ‘old’ until last week, when the newer one stepped forward. With slow internet it took forever to find the old version. I was quite frustrated. This week I’ve been offline and haven’t tried opening a new post page… until now. Both times I selected ‘new post’ on the upper right drop down menu, it took me to the HORRID new stats page… I didn’t ask for stats, I asked to write a new post…

    I truly don’t understand why they’re being mute/hard headed and keep trying to fix something that was not broken. What would happen if eveyrone stopped posting for a week to ten days?


    March 31, 2015 at 13:22

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  3. DefunctBlogger

    “What would happen if everyone stopped posting for a week to ten days?”

    Since search engines already have everyone’s prior articles, there would still be plenty for visitors to read at the numerous WP blogs.

    So, better yet, all WP bloggers could declare a “sit in” by putting all their blogs on “private” for 7-10 days. That way, google would have no access to anything “new,” nor anything “old” for that matter (except via google cache); & visitors would come up against basically “nothing to choose from” since all blogs went “underground” temporarily.

    I wonder how much of a financial-dent (via ads) that would take out of the “WP Elite” wallet? 🙂 Maybe they’d have to fire a bunch of those useless Destroyers (oops, I meant Developers). 😉


    (I realize it’s been over a year since the “New Editor/Stats” issue was hotly debated, but I see nothing has improved as it is still around and, as has been expertly described in your articles, it remains a non-user-friendly disaster. Like the rest of you, I avoid it by using the direct links to the Classic Dashboard/Settings/Editor, etc.)


    Lastly, I can tell you are “old school” by the way you write (that’s a compliment > meaning you have a good vocabulary, know how to express yourself clearly, and you know how to read, write, spell, type, punctuate, etc.) Also, I noticed you are NOT “politically correct” when it comes to WP. Thank goodness. No “Happy Engineer Brainwashing” has affected your ability to see what is obvious and therefore true (= reality). The “cognitive dissonance” inside the WP-Cult must be a real mind-bender (for the deceived who believe the schmiel pawned off as “better, improved


    April 22, 2016 at 00:16

    • Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately it seems to have been cut short by a comment box limitation but interesting nonetheless.

      Posts on this issue continue to receive hits even though otherwise inactive. At present there seems to b a “stand-off” but I expect WP will start to create nuisance again when they think that the furor has died down. Indeed, the colour pallet for fonts available to the classic editor has just been changed and reduced.

      Your idea may become necessary although it would require a massive effort, it is not impossible.

      Despite WP’s inflated notions of itself and its diminished regard for users, it is only a tool. There has always been the possibly that a major-player will notice WP’s lack of respect for its customers and put up some assertive competition. In such a circumstance, WP wouldn’t stand a chance. The demise of Ratner come’s to mind. It seems that many observers are waiting to see what happens next, myself included. 🙂


      April 22, 2016 at 12:23

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