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WP Changes – Improved Workarounds

Duck 3Sorry to redirect you but there have been developments that makes this easier at WordPress Navigation Links – Improved

No longer as relevant :-

This approach will, I hope, restore more enjoyment to blogging.  More about WP Changes and What We Can Do to seek restoration of original function is here !

Meanwhile, the biggest problem is that the Reader is a catch-all.  Log-in to it or click on any link to it and the Reader opens in the current Tab, then there is no way to the better Dashboard  except via the “My-Sites” blue Mobile orientated User Interface.    This approach solves that.

Note 1 : You can choose to Right-Click on any link and, from the pop-up menu, you can select “Open Link in new tab”.   You might then need to select that Tab.  A similar approach for Apple Mac.

Note 2: Everything here opens in a new Tab.  Note:3 The “Refresh” button is usually found to the right of the address bar.

With the following approach it is possible to get away with using only one Tab, two Tabs to keep your Notifications Archive available and an occasional extra Tab for use of the Reader and/or Stats.  Once one is familiar it becomes a new habit.

  • Log-in to the your WP Dashboard:-

https:// {YourBlogName} .com/wp-admin/

You only need to do this once and then can Bookmark/Favourite it for future use.  Once you have logged-in,  you are automatically logged in to all of your UI pages. You can also log-out from there using the drop-down menu that appears when you hover the mouse pointer over your Gravatar.

  • From there you have access to all the usual functions and can Right-Click “View All”, just beneath the graph,  to open the better Stats page in a new Tab.

You can return to your Dashboard by closing the Stats Tab.  Alternatively clicking on the Dashboard Tab, which keeps the Stats Tab open and saves reloading pages (although you will want to refresh Stats occasionally).

You can also choose a different blog from the drop down list adjacent to the small blue Home icon (top right) on the Stats page.  Clicking on the Home icon automatically opens an Admin page in a new Tab.

  • If you would like to add your Notifications Archive (the more useful view), open and Bookmark/Favourite the following for future use:-


There is the option to keep that one extra Tab open for whenever/wherever the little bell lights-up.  Just click on the Notifications Tab and refresh the screen.

  • To add the Reader, without getting trapped, use the Note 1 tip above, or open and Bookmark/Favourite the following for future use:-


I’ve found that this approach works well but does require a small change of habit.  If stuck, then one can always revert to the first Bookmark/Favourite (Dashboard), which you are still logged-in to.

If you would like more direct Links (e.g. My-Stats, older Stats, All Posts, New Post etc), please see:-


With thanks and credit to all those on the forums who initiated the idea.

At this stage, I do not think that these Links and/or this method will be tampered with.  That would prove the intent to coerce and be contrary the CEO Matt Mullenweg’s own comments on About WordPress Changes and What We Can Do.

That post is still open for comments on the subject,  which can be directed to the post subject or as a direct reply the Mr Mulenweg’s comment.  The later, providing an opportunity, perhaps more useful.

Lastly; avoiding the new UI may well be helpful as any clicks to/from the new UI may be used to signify acceptance.  The thrust of debate is that it is going to be better, for each endeavour, if the Mobile friendly UI is kept separate from the Desktop friendly UI.

5 responses

  1. Thanks again, Graham for putting these informative posts up on your blog.

    I’ve always done it this way as when I first started in 2007 I found the navigation to be difficult and it was easier to click a bookmark tab on the bar in my browser to “Add a New Post”, check “Comments”, see the “Stats” page, etc. I’ve now added the “WP Notifications” page as a tab to avoid using the notifications icon/button.

    I might add that we can get to “WP Admin” (the classic dashboard) through that link under “My Sites” from our blog posts or home page of our blog. It is so easy to get lost and you are right about the “new” WP blue bannered pages, we cannot get back to the classic dashboard.


    January 31, 2015 at 18:52

    • Thank you Dandelionsalad.
      And, especially for championing the method on the forums

      One of the prompts for this post was a comment that a lot of Tabs was unworkable on a small laptop I’ve to think of everything in the past, but it just makes my head hurt :-). Hence the attempt to simplify later.

      Thanks again for the input.


      January 31, 2015 at 20:16

      • I now have 11 tabs for using my blog. I can see that wouldn’t be very workable on a small laptop. I have an aversion to having to click twice or more to get to the page I need. I so prefer one click.

        Also been thinking about these “new” changes and since for the most part they are a downgrade to what we are used to having, there must be some bottom line issues. It must cost a lot less to run the WP blue-bannered pages for WordPress.

        Looking forward to viewing your next blog post with your outstanding photography. Again, I so appreciate you taking the time to do these informative posts.


        January 31, 2015 at 20:28

        • Thank you. Encouragement does keep the energy flowing. 🙂


          January 31, 2015 at 20:37

  2. Again, thank you, GrahamInHats. I have printed out this post and hope that your tips resolve my utter confusion/disgust with what WordPress has done.

    Liked by 1 person

    January 31, 2015 at 22:13

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