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WordPress Changes 2016 to 2017 – Reader, User Interface and Accessing the Original System

Accessing the Old System

Many WP bloggers do not like the changes that have occurred over the past two years bell-and-cross-3and disapprove of the high handed manner with which they were implemented.

More recent changes to the WP Reader and the loss of one of the old Stats pages has caused more rancour.  Some bloggers are now saying they will abandon WP if things get any worse.  It is already seems that the numbers of abandoned blogs and infrequently used blogs are increasing. 

More on this subject below, with an alternative suggestion for the WP Reader and means to access the remaining links to the old User Interface (Dashboard, Stats, Editor, Post/Page lists etc).

Accessing the Old System ⇐ Editor, stats, Page and Post Lists etc.

Classic Editor Loss of Justify and Underline – A Fix ⇐

WP Reader Changes 2016/2017⇐  which includes Forum Access,  Alternative Design Suggestion, opting out of the suggested reading by Email and more.

WP User Interface Changes 2016/2017 ⇐  which includes Forum Access, Accessing the old system (Dashboard, Stats, Editor, Post/Page lists etc) and a behind the scenes look at motive and the utilisation of  Rest-API and its purpose.

And a sample background from 2014/2015:-