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Travel to Greenwich (UK)

There are several routes and it is possible to get to the Observatory/Planetarium without having to walk up the hill. First click on the maps you will need.

Tourist Information Map (updated to PDF) Shows vistors centre (i), the main attractions and the Greenwich Meridian (at 0 degrees Longitude) and all the places that you can stand upon it.

The Main Map (recommended). This can be printed using your Browser’s File/Print facility (the map will probably appear as the second page).

The London Underground/Subway and Docklands Light Railway Map. Choose the standard Tube map which downloads as a PDF.

The Parking Map. The web site is a bit of nuisance but the only site that shows almost all Greenwich Parking. The best Parking site is not shown. See below.

Limited Mobility

Please Click Here

By Car

The best parking site is inside the park and consists of diagonal roadside parking. It is a lot cheaper, more convenient and there is no climb to the Observatory/Planetarium. Be aware of the park closing times. More Information.

Using the Main Map, access is from Shooters Hill (expand the south end of the Main Map) along Blackheath Avenue towards the Royal Observatory.

If you walk down from the observatory to Greenwich then you will have to walk back up again or use public transport. If you intend to engage in the town’s night life, then it might be better to move your car into town first.

Public Transport (inc by River)

Oyster Cards (Pays You Go Swipe Cards) can almost half travel costs on the London Underground and the Docklands Light Railway compared with buying tickets and will avoid queuing. Daily/Weekly Travel cards can be even more economical.

Click on for Oyster Card and other options information.

BE AWARE: That if you forget to swipe out, when leaving a station, there is a penalty charge and the card may be unusable for a while.

– Without Walking up the Hill to the Observatory

From any London Underground station get onto the Docklands Light Railway and travel to Deptford Bridge (section E7 on the London Underground map). When leaving the station go to the bus stop “Y” near the bus shelter.

Take a number 53 bus to Greenwich Park (Charlton Avenue). Buses are approximately every 10 minutes during the day.

There is a sharp left turn that leads into Charlton Avenue which runs parallel to Shooters Hill. Alight at the next stop and walk on in the direction that the bus was heading. After a short distance, take the first left turn into the park. Expand the lower part of the Main Map for a view

To return the same way, cross over Charlton Way to Shooters Hill where the bus stop for the return journey is located. Alternatively, walk to the far end of the upper park then downhill to Maritime Greenwich and use the Docklands Light Railway.

– The Direct Route

Take the Docklands Light Railway to Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich (section E7 on the London Underground map). On emerging from the station into a short mall turn left, then either:-

Turn left again for the Cutty Sark

Straight on for the Naval College

Turn right to pass Greenwich Market and then left on to Nelson Rd for Greenwich Park on your right and the Naval College on your left.

Getting to the Royal Observatory/Exhibitions/Planetarium means climbing the Hill. The easiest gradient is King William Walk/The Ave from the North West corner of the Park.

Alternatively, take the DLR one stop to Deptford Bridge and then the number 53 bus as described in the previous section.

– The Scenic Route

Travel to Royal Victoria (sections D8 on the London Underground map). Then, get on the United Arab Emirates Cable Car. It’s a short walk and if you look up then you can’t miss it.

Using an Oyster Card is cheaper and avoids queuing. The trip last about 8 minutes and provides views across most of London and the Thames. Views are blocked across central London by the tall buildings of Canary Wharf. More about the Cable Car.

The Cable Car goes to South Greenwich and it is a short walk to the bus stops (expand the top right of the Main Map). Find bus stop “C” and take the number 188 bus to Maritime Greenwich. The bus passes between the park and the Naval College and stops nearby.

– By Mainline Railway

From London Bridge (D6 on the London Underground map) to Maze Hill (North East corner of the park). Expand the Main Map to view the route from station to park.

Maze Hill is closed on Sundays.

– By River

There are numerous services. Please click on River Services then Scroll down for information about River Buses.


Have a safe journey and enjoy the day.

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