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Bushy Park

Bushy Park is just a short distance north of Hampton Court and is full of surprises.  To the west of the park are wetlands, just behind this view.  I could almost eat these clouds. They look as if they are too solid to stay up there. Magic.  Later posts have a particular little gem and some shots of deer.
Bushy Park Sky

The wetland area is very peaceful and the river quite still.

Bushy Park River 1

This one confuses the eye beautifully.

Bushy Park River 2

 … and on the pond further down; “There’s an old mill by the stream, Nelly  ~ “.

Bushy Park Ducks

This one is basking in her own glow.

Bushy Park Pond

… and here’s the old mill (I think).  🙂

August 2014