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The Tower of London

The view from Tower Hill (just outside Tower Hill underground station).   Click here for more about the Tower History, Events Tours and Admission  and  here for the White Tower Interiors (Armour and Weapons) and here for nearby All Hallows Church (the oldest in London).   Visitors can photograph most places except for the Jewel House (home of the famous Crown Jewels).  There will be queues for exhibits such as the Jewel House and it is better to arrive early.

Tower Bridge and the Tower itself.  The bridge was originally raised by steam powered hydraulic engines but in recent times by an electrically powered hydraulic system  .  Visit inside the bridge here ⇒.

Tower of London - Tudor

There is always one of these standing guard.

Tower of London - Room


Tower of London - Menagerie

The tower once had a menagerie.

Tower of London - Apes


Tower of London - Traitors Gate

Those accused of treason would be transported to the tower by river and entered via traitors gate and might then go to the Bloody Tower.  Below the tower is the remnants of a torture chamber.  Visitors were queuing up.

There are a number of tour guides, all happy to be photographed.

Tower of London - Tours

The cage holds some of the tower’s ravens.  They are not all let free at the same time.  The legend is that England will fall if the ravens ever left the tower.  They are very well cared for and locked up at night.  They also think they own the place.

Tower of London - Cannon


Tower of London - Marching Guard

The guards are not allowed to interact with anybody but you can stand beside one and have your photograph taken. Should anybody get too familiar, or just because the guard feels like it, he will let out a blood curdling scream and present the pointy end of his rifle. Then there is vigorous marching up and down.   It has the desired effect.

Tower of London - Chair