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Climate Change – Divest/Invest Movement Rolls On – We can Help

Divest – Invest and Climate Protection

The Divest-Invest ⇒ movement is being successful in encouraging large groups to divest themselves of fossil fuel investments and switch to investments in green alternatives.

That is only part of the battle.

Consumerism and Climate Protection

For most of us, every time we pay an energy bill we are supporting the use of fossil fuels.  As long as that continues, the energy companies will continue to make profit and continue the practice.  Even carbon taxes will eventually filter through to the consumer.

As far as electrical supply is concerned, we don’t have to continue that support.  Instead we can move our financial support to a Green Tariff or an entirely Green Energy supplier (some also provide a dual + gas tariff).   Moving our money from polluting suppliers to green suppliers being of double benefit.

There is an additional and important benefit.  Consumer choices are observable trends which result in forecasts and forecasts create business plans.  It will make a yet greater impact if you if you let people know what you have done, and why, as an encouragement for them to follow and more still if you tell your old and new supplier why you have switched.

Here are some links to advisory sites, from which a choice can be made, but do check they are certified genuine green suppliers.

UK   – Ratings          –   http://www.ethicalconsumer.org/buyersguides/energy/greenelectricitysuppliers.aspx

UK –   Price comparisons     –   http://www.ukpower.co.uk/home_energy/green_energy_suppliers

USA         –   http://apps3.eere.energy.gov/greenpower/buying/buying_power.shtml

Australia   –   http://gpap.greenelectricityguide.org.au   (You can skip the sign up – last line)

Canada     –   There are several companies but I could not find an up to date guide.

The above is just an example. Other countries also have green energy suppliers but difficult to find in English.

Energy supplies are likely to increase in cost.  Heating being the greatest user of power, it makes sense to invest in insulation.

Good wishes to all in your pursuit of protecting our climate for ourselves, those who follow us and everything that lives on this extraordinary garden planet.

The amazing 2015 London Climate Rally ⇐

Climate Change – Making a Real Difference.

The London Rally, antiphatheon.

The London Rally

What Has Changed and How You Can Help

On Monday 22nd September 2014, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund pledges that it will divest itself of all fossil fuel assets.   It is reported that 650 individuals and 180 institutions have joined this pursuit as part of the worldwide  Divest-Invest  platform which began seven years ago.   This is surely a death knell for those companies and politicians who do not push forward with green technology and policy.

The situation is beginning to change.   I believe it has come about because all the elements for change are now in place.  We have much to thank the genuine climatologist for.  They have for decades faced an uphill struggle, often against personal abuse in attempts to discredit them.  There is now sufficient awareness to have raised simultaneous protest right across the world, with a report of 400,000 attendees in Manhattan alone.     And,  the involvement of the the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, well respected statesman Kofi Annan and the Divest-Invest program.

Making a Difference

There remains only one essential element to maintain the impetus.  That is us.  Now we really can make a difference.   The whole issue is driven by the public opinion that affects politicians and the consumerism that drives commerce.  So, be part of wave in the ocean not just an isolated drop.   You can:-

  • Find greener suppliers here⇐. Switch and, most importantly, tell them why.  Trends make business plans which are a prime mover of change.
  • Change any investments, and tell the companies why.
  • Write to your democratic representatives both local and central and voice your concerns.
  • Insist the climatologist and engineers decide what is necessary and the economist provide instead of hinder.
  • There are various schemes that make it possible for your computer’s down time to be used to run climate models.  Such as Climate Prediction Net⇒.
  • Support Greenpeace⇒, Friends of the Earth⇒, Peoples Climate⇒ (the rally organizers) or any other committed organization.  Many people have committed years to help us.  They need and deserve our help.
  • Be knowledgeable and a source of solid information for friends and colleagues.
  • Pass it on by blogs, emails, tweets, shares and word of mouth. Be knowledgeable and a source of solid information for friends and colleagues.

Do any of one these things and you will have made a difference.  There are still those who wish us to believe that we can’t. It was always a lie.  To paraphrase FDR,  there is nothing to be hopeless about except hopelessness itself.  You can surprise and shock those who thought we were complacent and you will be in good company.

I am reminded of the The Boatlift⇒ film posted by Cindy Knoke  (at CindyKnoke.com) with the very apt title of  “The True Nature of Humanity”.   It is the extraordinary story  of those who came forward and helped people caught in the 9/11 disaster.    And, as the boatman said:  “I never want to say the words ‘I should have’.   If  I do it and I fail,  I tried.   If I do it and succeed,  better for me.   And, I tell my children, never go through life saying you should have.  If you wanna do something,  you do it”.

Now is the time to assist the surge forward by adding one small piece of effort.  Just one thing,  just do it and smile that you made a difference. And, good luck to you all.  🙂

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