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Recent Changes

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*******New Editor Independent Poll  –  by blogger Imperialtwilight,  is very active and spreading quickly.  It is likely the most effective way to make your views known and get a result.

***WordPress Workarounds   – with a link to an earlier post, that has more links for those to wish to use them

WordPress Changes – Kept in the Dark ?  – There is information here about an undisclosed agenda and a Poll

WordPress Changes -Valued Customer ? – There is information and a Poll of your views. (see Kept in the Dark first).

WordPress Changes – Poll #1- Herded ?  – A series of Polls. You get to Vote on the WP Changes.  It has an eventual purpose.

About the Changes and What We Can Do  – to seek remedy.


Older posts :-

The connection between WP and Tiger Global investments, and opportunities to effect improvement.

 The situation, information and the opportunities to effect improvement.


One response

  1. Whenever WordPress makes changes, I find myself going “wait, where did that button go…?” And then, with time, I get used to it 🙂 Ah, such is change!


    January 17, 2015 at 00:32

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