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Peckham, Nunhead and Honor Oak Buses and Walking

Red routes on the map below are buses and blue routes are walking.  The route is designed to avoid any serious uphill climbing.

Bus 63 or 363 from Peckham Rye station to Peckham Rye Park ⇐.

Choosing your own route through the park Walk across the park to Peckham Rye road and catch 345 or 484 going uphill to just before the T Junction.

Walk across the T junction and take bus P12 traveling east to Nunhead station.  Continue by bus towards Nunhead station.  Just short of the station the bus turns up hill.  Alight at the next stop just short of the mini-roundabout.

Walk along Linden Grove to Nunhead Cemetery ⇐ entrance.  Walk through the cemetery by any route to the lower entrance/exit.  Turn left at the exit along Limesford Road past the Waverley Arms.

From the Waverley Arms side of the road a P12 Bus goes back to Peckham Rye Station.  From the other side of the road the P12 bus goes along Brenchley Gardens, up Forest Hill Road then left onto Honor Oak Park road to the bus stop at the top of the hill beside the Maha Lakshmi Vidya Bhavan.

The path leads to St Augustine’s church and to the Oak of Honor ⇐ at the top of One Tree Hill.

The near side of the hill has a walking route to Honor Oak Park station.  The far side of the hill leads back to Brenchley Gardens via your own route and then take the P12 bus.  The P12 can be taken the same direction as before but continue to Honor Oak Park station where there is a cafe and restaurants.